Orange Is The New Black's Yael Stone Gives Up US Green Card To Reduce Carbon Emissions Amid Wildfires

The Australian actress said it would be "unethical" for her to continue living between two continents.

Orange Is The New Black star Yael Stone has revealed the current wildfires in her home country of Australia have led her to make a big decision about her future.

Currently living in the US, the Australian actress has an American green card, and divides her time between the States and Australia.

However, amid the recent bushfires, Yael has announced she has made the decision to move back to her home country, suggesting it is not “environmentally ethical to build a life across two continents”.

“Time to make a sacrifice,” she tweeted, alongside a video message explaining her decision.

“After a long, considered process, we’ve come to understand that it’s unethical for us to set up a life in two countries, knowing what we know,” Yael said.

“The carbon omissions alone from that flying, it’s unethical. It’s not right. So I will be going through the process of giving up my green card and saying goodbye to my life in America.”

She added that she would be moving full-time to Australia “doing the work I can to make a difference here, because the time is now”, concluding: “This is war, and we’ve only got 10 years, so we have to make sacrifices.

“This is just the beginning for me.”

Yael Stone
Yael Stone
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

In the last week, a number of high-profile Australian stars have been speaking out about the wildfires, with Chris and Liam Hemsworth and Kylie Minogue making huge donations to help the cause.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Russell Crowe took the opportunity to raise awareness of climate change, inspired by the fires.

More than 20 people have died and millions of animals are believed to have been killed in the blazes that have ravaged the country in recent months.

At least eight people died last week in New South Wales and neighbouring Victoria, Australia’s two most-populous states, where more than 200 fires are currently burning.


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