Year 9 Banter Is The Best Thing On Twitter

'...he actually did it the absolute madman'

Year 9 is a crazy time, man.

Picking your GCSE subjects, getting braces, being drunk for the first time.

Things can get pretty hairy out there... It's no wonder these kids have gone wild.

Meet Ben. Ben's a proper joker when he's drunk

Jess, on the other hand, gets totally crazy during exams. Blue pen? What a rebel

Beth Louise lives in a total mad house

Shit the bed. That's just going too far

Dean, the absolute madman. He's out of control

Sharon clearly hasn't got to grips with irony yet

WOAH! Steady on now

Yes Abbie, it is time to calm down

Reece is a #TotalRaver

Lauren just can't handle the banter

Ross has had a mad night out

Don't spend it all at once..

This guy


That'll teach them to take Ruarí seriously

Don't mess with Darsheel

Michael means business

Kisha likes to live life on the edge

And Tom, nobody messes with Tom.

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