13/12/2016 15:45 GMT | Updated 13/12/2016 15:51 GMT

#Youth4Aleppo Protest: Hundreds Of Young People Set To March On 10 Downing Street

'We are watching war crimes unfold in real-time over Facebook and Twitter.'

Hundreds of young people are set to protest outside Downing Street tonight to call for a ceasefire in Aleppo as the situation in the Syrian city becomes “critical”. 

It has been reported that the battle between the Syrian army and rebel defences in the besieged city is in its final hours, with thousands attempting to flee as the military advance and scores of civilians, including women and children, “shot on the spot”.

The UN has described the situation as a “complete meltdown of humanity” as people living in Aleppo send heartbreaking goodbye messages over social media.  

Hundreds of young people are set to attend the emergency demonstration 

“This is an emergency protest in solidarity with Aleppo and calling for an immediate ceasefire and the delivery of humanitarian aid by international organisations,” the Facebook event for the protest reads. 

“Please spread the word and bring your friends and family. Please also bring any signs or placards with messages for Aleppo.” 

Organisers are calling on those who cannot attend to email their MP to demand action. 

Harry Shotton, who helped arrange the protest, said: “We are a grassroots initiative of young people outraged and distressed by the Russian, Iranian, and Syrian regimes’ assault on humanity in Aleppo.

“We are watching war crimes unfold in real-time and over Facebook and Twitter, and must take action.

“We’ve called this protest to demand a UN-brokered ceasefire, the unrestricted delivery of humanitarian aid - including air drops - and the safe evacuation of all civilians from Aleppo,” he added. 

More than a thousand young people have shown their interest in the event, with NUS President Malia Bouattia also sharing the details with her followers.