03/01/2017 17:51 GMT

YouTube Inventor Builds 'Jet-Powered' Snowboard

Don't try this at home.

A YouTube inventor who brings to life technology from films has made a “jet-powered” snowboard similar to those in Agent Cody Banks and Treasure Planet.

As part of his “Make It Real” series, James Hobson built the board using a 3D printer and electric ducted fans, rather than actual jets.

It took him a few attempts to get the board to the point at which it was ready to ride, but the finished product looks pretty epic.

Screengrab: the Hacksmith, YouTube
Screengrab: the Hacksmith YouTube

The project was partly inspired by one of Hobson’s previous inventions, a jet-powered longboard.

The clip only shows Hobson riding the snowboard for a few seconds, but he promises there’s more footage to come.