The Best Twitter Reactions To Zayn Malik Shaving His Beard Off

Two words: soul patch.

Zayn Malik’s beard is dead, gone, R.I.P. and superfans on Twitter are in mourning.

The former One Direction-er took to Instagram on Friday 4 October to reveal his clean-shaven new look and people were Not. Happy. About it.

Maybe it’s the soul patch?

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Fans seem to be pretty opinionated over the issue of Malik’s facial hair (or lack, thereof), but we reckon they should give the guy a break.

After all, this is the first time in a long while he has had this much grooming freedom - revealing to Highsnobiety that he had to ask permission to cut his hair or grow a beard back in his boyband days. A situation he deemed “ridiculous”.

Oh, and this one.

We feel you.

February 2016

Zayn Malik's Hair Evolution

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