08/09/2014 04:13 BST | Updated 07/11/2014 05:59 GMT

How to Recycle Your Wardrobe for This Autumn/Winter?

Ahh, the freshness of the air, the last days of sun, and the leaves on the trees will soon start to turn brown, and lose hints of their green. This can only mean one thing: autumn and winter are on the way. Don't be depressed, this is an open door for your style transformation!

Everyone loves new seasons. There is always a sense of newness, and this, in turn, makes us want to go out and get a new wardrobe. Here is a tip: don't.

It makes no sense on spending your hard earned cash on a totally new wardrobe, when a few extra pieces can totally transform what you have. Fashion is about expressing yourself. It is about creativity. It is about being you and being comfortably in what you are rocking. It is not about spending frivolously.

So how can you recycle your wardrobe? Read on and let me be your fashion stylist.

Style idea number 1: Crop it


Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil

The cropped look never goes out of fashion. It swarves in and out, as if to say "I'm cool, chick and flirty." This autumn / winter, cut an old top and wear it as a cropped top with a nice flare skirt, or a pair of nice fitting trousers.

Style idea number 2: Make it fun



Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil

Be fun and transform an old woolly hat into a pom pom hat. You don't always need to aim for chic and corporate. Fashion should be fun too. Beyonce and other celebrities have been fans of the pom pom hat. Create your own pom pom hat and release your inner kid, and keep yourself warm at the same time. People will be impressed by your ability to switch things up, and not take yourself so seriously, and most importantly you will be warm!

Style idea number 3: Revamp old classic pieces

Repeat after me: The craft shop is my friend. Don't throw away those old, tired shoes. Revive them. Look at style trends, and revive classic shoes with pearls, glitter or cute bows. The best thing is, you will be the only one rocking these shoes. This is the best way to save yourself some money and showcase your unique style.




Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil

Style idea number 4: Jewel it up

Jewels can make a huge fashion statement when paired with a simple piece. Simply add a beautiful jewel on a pair of shoes, or a top to revamp an old piece. Gold jewels are classic accessories that reappear through different trends. You simply need to choose the right fashion accessory to match your personality.


Photo by All Things Girly And Beautiful

Style idea number 5: Play with fabrics

Go on a journey of exploration with fabrics. Mix them. Match them. Pair them up with something that you would match together. And watch people chase you down the street in awe as the wonder which designer created it.


Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil

Style idea number 6: Make it lace

My love of lace knows no bounds. It has been around for centuries, but this year, lace came back with a vengeance. Cut up an old lace top, or get some from the craft shop to revive an old summer top. Lace panelling looks great, and it is not too difficult to do. All you need is a strong needle and thread, and you can sew until your heart is content.


Photo by Li-Dali

I don't want to labour the point, but hopefully you can see how easy it is to revamp old pieces in your wardrobe. All you need is a good craft shop, a little bit of creativity and imagination, and one or two style magazines and you are good to go. Enjoy. Have fun. And let your style shine.

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