27/09/2016 06:08 BST | Updated 27/09/2017 06:12 BST

Top Travel Tips From Trans Teens In Love

Imogen and Erick met in 2015, fell in love and are spending their first year abroad teaching and exploring Central America.

Being trans and traveling can often pose unique challenges. This can include problems at airports and borders, such as with passports, papers, searches and inspections. Traveling for a long period of time might also be problematic as trans people who take hormones need to take them on a regular basis and often cannot access large amounts of supply, let alone travel with them. Issues of security and safety can also be posed if you are traveling in places where trans issues are not discussed or where trans people face a lot of prejudice and discrimination.

It's also a chance to explore how different societies view gender and it's diversity throughout the world. Many societies have completely different ideas than people have in the UK and often these ideas are tied with a long cultural history that is hard to understand without living there or having experienced the culture.

"Since the film that Fox made, we've travelled from the UK to Costa Rica, before settling into our new home in Granada, Nicaragua. Over the past month we've been working weekdays at local schools teaching English to primary school children, whilst on weekends we travel around the country to experience as much of it as we can."

The couple started their blog and Youtube channel to document their experiences as a transgender couple in regards to a life of travel. Their primary focus will be on making entertaining and informative travel videos and trans vlogs, followed up with a blog post.


"As we travel, we hope to gain more insight into the lives of transgender people around the world and also about how gender is perceived differently in different places and how the concept of gender can both separate and join people together."

Imogen and Erick's aim is to travel long-term, and through TransTravellers, help other trans people feel more encouraged to travel. "Our blog and channel are really for anyone who has an interest in travel and/or gender as we hope to continue sharing our experiences of both."

Imogen & Erick will FB Live Chat on the My Genderation page over the next few weeks. For more updates and top tips, checkout Trans Travellers.


My Genderation is an ongoing film series, run by myself and my partner Owl, with 60+ short films, endorsed by the NHS, shown on the BBC, C4 (My Trans Story), film festivals, in education, support groups, video loops, FB and youtube. Our films are made us (trans people) about other trans people and events, for a much wider audience. We are currently making a non-binary love story, and have recently visited the trans community in Russia to film and do talk and workshops. Next post will be about Russian Activists, All About Trans and Stonewall.