01/11/2013 12:06 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

Halloween Dos and Don'ts Fran vs. Olivia

When the beginning of September hits each year, I think to myself 'I should start planning my Halloween outfit' and year after year, after year, after...I don't. I then decide that it's all about the make-up, right? It's right if you're a make-up artist. Check out my uber talented younger sister, Olivia's, make-up tutorial here:

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If you don't, you'll end up looking like you threw a jar of jam across your throat. TADA! It actually looks better here then it did in real life. Seriously.


To be honest my attempt last year wasn't great either. I was meant to be storm from X-Men not a granny. Also, my friend on the right did Miley before even Miley did Miley. Amazing.


By the way, how on earth do people put contact lenses in? Over twenty attempts and all I ended up with was the 'blood-shot' effect. Painful to say the least. In the picture above one of my four-eyed friends pinned me down and poked them in.

Happy Halloween everyone (whatever that means)!!!