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In a Relationship: The Truth About Living With a Boy

This is one for the girls. Thinking about taking your relationship to the next level and moving in together? The truth is boys will be boys and that won't change even when you live together...

This is one for the girls. Thinking about taking your relationship to the next level and moving in together? The truth is boys will be boys and that won't change even when you live together. After recently moving in with my boyfriend, I thought I would be able to, let's say, "guide" him towards a more appropriate and correct approach (i.e. the woman's approach) to doing the household chores and general aspects of living together. Boy was I wrong! I've found that just as us girls have our certain ways of folding clothes, washing the dishes and tidying the house, so do the boys. And they are very laid back ways. Sorry to burst the bubble, but here are a few reality checks to get used to if you're considering living with a boy:

1. There will be a ridiculous amount of underwear. Everywhere.

Now I thought I had an underwear draw to rival La Senza, but my boyfriend seems to have unlimited amounts of pants and socks. Seriously where do they come from? Boys seem to enjoy leaving their socks dotted around the house, so don't bank on ever walking up the stairs without seeing that odd stripey 3-day-old sock. When it comes to pants I literally can't get my head around how one man can have so many? Sometimes I swear the wash basket is FULL of pants. There are seven days in the week, why are there at least 12 pairs of pants? This is something us girls will just have to accept as a mystery, because let's face it I don't actually want to know why there are so many pairs of dirty pants and socks. Perhaps we should think of it as the equivalent to our numerous pairs of shoes - don't ask WHY we need them, just accept that we do.

2. You will lose sleep.

Don't get too excited girls, yes I am talking about in the bedroom but this is not something to look forward to. Snoring. I don't care what anyone says, EVERY man snores. Maybe this is just another mystery but men snore, loudly. And it only gets worse after a heavy night on the pints. Many a night I've had trouble getting to sleep while what is keeping me awake can only be described as the sound of a 40 year old smoker whale in distress at sea. It's odd put it that way. And loud. Have I mentioned loud yet? Usually a nudge in his arm or rolling him onto his side helps ease the dreaded noise. Failing that, invest in some good earplugs, you're going to need them.

3. Never ask a man to do a woman's job.

In my personal experience, nothing will ever be done to my standard if I don't do it myself. Not just in relationships, but at work, in uni or back at my Mum's house. I have my own particular ways about how things need to be done, such as the cooking, washing the dishes (this is my OCD fixation) or the decoration of the house (don't you dare move those display cushions!). I know pretty much every woman has her own routine or approach to things like this and let's be honest we will never be happy with the male's attempt. Call me high maintenance, but girls just know what looks good. Imagine walking into a friend's house and there's stains in the cups from bad washing in the past. Or that the cushions aren't in the right position on the couch. (Okay I admit I may be a little high maintenance). My advice is: if you want something done how you like it, then do it yourself.

4. The toilet seat.

This one's simple. Boys don't like putting the toilet seat down, trust me. I've never met one male who actively puts the seat down after going to the loo. Is it really that hard boys? I've fallen into the toilet enough times to tell you that when you live with a boy that toilet seat will never be down, unless you've done it yourself (re-read number 3 - have you not got the picture yet?). When I asked my boyfriend if he could return the toilet seat down after he's used it, he simply replied "Why? I need it to be up when I use it. Can't you put it down?" Yes dear of course I can put it down, but the toilet seat and lid should be closed before you even flush the loo (just Google how many germs fly out of your toilet when you flush if you don't shut the lid, believe me you will never leave it open again). More than anything, it's annoying. And girls hate going to the toilet and seeing the seat is up. It's like the boys have marked their territory. Be a gentleman and put it down for us! And girls; this is one thing I urge you to challenge rather than accept; no woman should have to fall derriere-first into the loo because of a man! Now who's with me?

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