23/08/2016 07:33 BST | Updated 20/08/2017 06:12 BST

Men's Grooming Day: 5 Essential Skincare Products For The Modern Gentleman

Up until recently if you'd asked most men on the high street what moisturiser they use you'd probably have been met with more than a few odd looks. Men moisturising was somehow viewed as an overtly feminine thing to do and most heterosexual men would never admit to doing such a thing from fear of ridicule from their pint-guzzling, football-loving, pigeonholed lad-friends. Oh, how times have (thankfully) changed.

This decade has seen a monumental shift in the grooming habits of men. If you've read my previous blogs you'll know this already, but as someone who has witnessed this shift in momentum within the mens cosmetics industry there really hasn't been a better time to get on board and expand your own personal grooming routine.

As part of my ongoing series to help celebrate Men's Grooming Day I've earmarked my top 5 skincare products on the market to help you decide what your body needs.

ClarinsMen Line Control Cream for Dry Skin - £41.50


As you get older it's inevitable that your skin will gradually start to show the effects of age. This is something the cosmetics industry has developed numerous products to fight. And whilst there's no cure for the passing of time, there are products that you can add to your grooming regime which will help slow the effects of aging.

ClarinsMen's fantastic Line Control Cream is among the best, especially if you happen to have naturally dry skin. This can be applied directly after washing your face and works effectively under your chin too to help fight sagging skin, both lifting and firming whilst also blocking skin-damaging pollutants.

Kiehls Oil Eliminator Cleanser - £8.50


Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. We all know the pattern, but one of my favourites from step 1 on the market comes from Kiehls who have developed an oil-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free oil eliminator cleanser.

As someone with sensitive skin I have to be more careful than most with the cosmetics I use (one of the many reasons I wanted to be part of the industry in the first place) and this one hits the nail on the head. It contains something called salicylic acid which sounds like something you'd want to avoid. In actual fact salicylic acid is designed to gently break down the top layer of skin to open clogged follicles and help leave skin smooth without appearing shiny.

Percy Nobleman Face & Stubble Moisturiser - £16.99


As I'm sure you'll well know, there are a magnitude of skin products on the market along with an ever-growing array of beardcare products. And whilst I champion diversity and variance in the men's cosmetics industry I noticed that there was an ever-increasing gap in the market.

In May this year I launched my very own Face & Stubble Moisturiser through my brand Percy Nobleman. It's designed specifically to help men who don't have the time to shave each day (who does these days?!) but who don't intend on growing their designer stubble into a full-on beard.

Percy Nobleman Face & Stubble Moisturiser is an easily-absorbed non-greasy lotion which contains anti-oxidant Vitamin E, organic aloe and ginger root active along with anti-wrinkle and skin repair properties. It's also at a skin friendly pH so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits.

Wellman Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Serum - £12.75


One of the first areas to show aging on the face is the skin beneath the eyes. We've all looked in the mirror after a heavy night out and sighed at the bags and lines on display. This is because, like the rest of your body, your skin needs hydrating in order to look at it's best. This becomes even more apparent with age and with their Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Serum, Wellman have just the remedy.

Containing aloe vera, cucumber, caffeine and horse chestnut this handy little serum works with the skin to rehydrate and restore the skin whilst reducing puffiness and fine lines. The perfect morning-after pick me up.

No7 Men Energising Face Scrub 150ml - £8.50


One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your daily grooming routine is using a face wash with a high pH which can dry out the skin and do more harm than good. Finding a face wash which works best for your skin type should be among your top priorities when searching for new grooming products.

The reason exfoliating should be a staple part of your grooming routine is that you're effectively clearing out your pores as, over time, they get clogged up with dead skin cells which can result in excess oil leading to blemishes and acne.

Boots' own brand No7 Face Scrub is designed to lift away dead skin cells whilst deeply cleansing pores. If you're using a heavy scrub such as this, I would strongly recommend only using it once or twice a week if you have sensitive skin. Also make sure you apply a quality moisturiser afterwards to keep your skin nice and hydrated.