31/12/2013 05:36 GMT | Updated 01/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Silver Linings Search

I like to believe in the notion of silver linings: the idea that there's always something positive but that sometimes it's just a little harder to see. These things don't always present themselves; sometimes we have to find them. We have to go out and actively search for the goodness that life can bring. Recently for my personal blog I was trying to think of all the good things that happened in 2013 so that I could write about what I enjoyed this year and what I was thankful for. Of course there were some real stand out moments for me but I soon realised that we always think of the big moments of success and we forget the little moments of happiness that build up to a real sense of contentment. These little moments are important in their own right and worthy of our memory.

So throughout 2014 I'm doing something called the "silver lining search" challenge where each day I'll think of nice things I've enjoyed. Let's call this an exercise in positive thinking. Maybe it'll be a story someone tells me, a book I love or a picture I take. Perhaps I'll find it in a random act of kindness or a moment when a pet comes and cuddles me. Happiness can be found in almost anything. All we have to do is remain open enough to see it. I will then record these little things that made me happy and keep them.

So on January 1st I shall start with an empty jar. As the day begins I'll write down any nice things that happen in that day on a little piece of paper and I'll put it into the jar. Piece by piece I'll record the positivity a year brings. This way I'll have a lovely collection of silver linings, a reminder of all the lovely things that happened in 2014. When 2014 ends I shall read and review all the lovely things that happened to me that year. I can only assume that looking back and remembering all the nice things that happened in a year will be a truly uplifting experience. Who knows? If it's a good year maybe I'll need more than one jar.

In looking for positive things it'll ensure I remain happy at every turn. As an activity it means I'm really making myself think about the good in life rather than the bad. At the end of 2014 I won't forget all the wonderful moments that have shaped the year. I'll have thousands of little reminders of things that made me smile. Why not join me in recording positive things so that we can focus on the good life brings? It certainly seems a nice way to kick off the new year...