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Another TV Comedy Panel Show


David Mitchell launched his new TV comedy panel show, Was It Something I Said? on Channel 4 last week, and whilst many people may be looking forward to this addition to the TV listings, I am not. Like Mitchell, I am also launching my own new TV comedy panel show on a prime-time channel next week... and quite frankly I could do without the competition, though I expect my show will do far better in ratings and fare better in criticism. Mitchell's panel show is a slight variation on many of the others already out there, whereas mine is a very different take on the panel show set-up.

It is slightly more complex than the others, so I will now attempt to explain it to you here...My show is called TV COMEDY PANEL SHOW (all caps). It begins with a group of comedians sat behind desks (split into two teams, probably all male), there is also a host (another comedian, probably male). These are selected from a pool of comedians that appear on TV comedy panel shows, because they're in the exclusive TV Comedy Panel Show Club that the TV BIG-FOLKS (actually their organisation's real name) opened after they shut down Vic & Bob's Shooting Stars (actually it's real name).

In TV COMEDY PANEL SHOW the comedians have to look at quotes and guess which TV comedy panel show the quotes came from. Then they have to look at pictures of TV comedy panel shows and guess which TV comedy panel shows they are photos of. If they get them right or wrong it doesn't really matter...I won't be counting, and I don't know how points are scored. I suppose it will be for how many lols they get out of each other and the audience. There are only three rounds, as the banter will pad it out and I don't want the comedians to get tired.

For the final round of TV COMEDY PANEL SHOW a giant TV comedy panel show gets wheeled onto the set, the teams each select a comedian to enter it. The comedians go in, a timer starts and they have to dress themselves as a TV comedy panel show and then beat a spaniel to death.

TV COMEDY PANEL SHOW starts next Wednesday at 9pm.

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