12/02/2013 12:34 GMT | Updated 14/04/2013 06:12 BST

Copenhagen Cool

Neither tall enough or blond enough enough to ever live in Copenhagen, it remains one of my favorite cities in the world.

Easy to get to, I will jump at any excuse to get on a plane for a dose of the Danish - after all, these are the people that invented Joe & The Juice, absolute genius.

The coolest area is Nørrebro. To get there walk through Assistens Cemetery - lined with trees and teeming with red squirrels, this is a beautiful calm space where you can also admire the tomb of children's author Hans Christian Andersen.

Jægersborggade is the street in Nørrebro where it all happens - a relaxed, easy-going vibe, the street is awash with great shops and restaurants.

Start with coffee from The Coffee Collective - they do have a few outlets scattered around Copenhagen but the original cafe is small, unprepossessing and serving up exceptional coffee from their own roastery (they take pride in sourcing the beans directly from farmers around the world). This is the kind of cafe where you wish you were dating the barista.

Move on to Grød (which translates literally and appropriately as porridge). During the day they serve porridge and then in the evening they serve Risotto. That's it. Each day there are three different types of porridge to choose from with a range of flavor combinations. Last time I was there I had a barley base with pear and plum and it was really very good. A simple concept with low overheads - if they ever offer a franchise I'm doing it.

Christiania is a 'free zone' alternative lifestyle commune that has been established in an old military barracks. The heady smell of marijuana permeates the air, but it's an interesting place to visit and experience first hand how a commune operates within a modern city.

Visit the flagship store of Agnes Cupcakes on Sværtegade in the centre of Copenhagen - sure they're just cupcakes, but these are really good. My favourites are the Lemon Meringue and also the Cinnamon Scroll cupcake.

Grab some gifts from Summerbird Chocolaterie on Kronprinsensgade. They are best known for the butterfly-shaped marzipan covered in dark chocolate - the Danish word for butterfly (sommerfugl) translates to English as 'summerbird' - however I'm a sucker for the almonds covered in dark bitter chocolate.

Copenhagen is a city that is defined by light, space, and water, and one of the best ways to appreciate this is to go for a swim. The water in Copenhagen Harbor is clear and fresh and there is a designated swimming pontoon at Islands Brygge. If you're feeling brave there is a diving platform from which you can show your skill - it doesn't look that high when you're climbing the steps, but when you stare over the edge down at the water it's a different proposition completely.

Spend a night out in the Meat Packing district - begin with dinner at Kodbyens Fiskebar and then move on Karriere for top drawer cocktails, and Bakken which has a great outdoor space rammed with the young and cool of Copenhagen.

If you want to dance then the best club is Nevermind - everyone loves a podium and a stripper pole, right? Nevermind give you not one, but three stripper poles on which to display your best moves. Not for the inexperienced.

It's official - I love Copenhagen.