12/09/2013 08:16 BST | Updated 11/11/2013 05:12 GMT

UK Deputy PM Celebrates Gay Marriage With Stephen Fry and Hugh Grant

Nick Clegg was in a relaxed and welcoming mood as he greeted guests at Admiralty House in the heart of London's Westminster parliamentary precinct.

Although they have successfully steered The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 through both houses of the UK parliament and secured Royal Assent for the legislation, the UK government still has some work to do before same sex couples can begin to benefit from the marriage equality that the Act delivers.

However the Deputy Prime Minister has a lot to be pleased about. Clegg has been the face of the government's legislative reform program to deliver marriage equality, and tonight's event was an opportunity to update on the progress being made to finalize the administrate requirements before same sex couples can finally begin to marry.

Joining the Deputy Prime Minister at the event were high profile supporters of marriage equality such as Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant, Peter Tatchell, and Charlie Condou, as well as many of the grassroots campaigners and advocates who have been the driving force behind this reform agenda.

On arrival guests were serenaded by the London Gay Men Chorus Ensemble before the Deputy Prime Minister spoke - articulate and passionate, he got a good laugh when unintentionally pausing too long during the sentence:

"I am proud to have been the first party leader to have come out... in support of marriage equality..."

"Let's not forget that it was just over 45 years ago that homosexuality was decriminalised in this country" said the Deputy Prime Minister, "and it's still only a decade since Section 28 was repealed."

"Human rights, including LGBT freedoms, are universal and should apply to all people" said the Deputy Prime Minister, pledging the government's commitment to: "continue to promote these rights abroad and to confront those authorities in Russia and other countries who would seek to deny them: forcefully expressing our disagreement in both private and in public."

Nick Clegg was preaching to the choir, but it's reassuring to hear a senior government leader speaking publicly and clearly in support of the importance of international LGBT equality.

I am always surprised by how tall Stephen Fry is - like a scruffy benevolent gay wizard. I tried to sidle up to him to thank him for his continued intelligent engagement with hypocrisy and inequality. I couldn't find my words though and mumbled something towards his departing back.

Marriage Equality for the UK? Done.