01/05/2013 09:04 BST | Updated 26/06/2013 06:12 BST

Army Vs Navy 2013

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This once a year event isn't the mighty US Army vs the US Navy, it's their plucky British brethren. It's the British Army vs The Royal Navy rugby match taking place on the 27th of April 2013. For visitors from America, it's sort of like American Football but without helmets and padding, oh and no passing forward either.

I'm only going from Wikipedia results here, which state 56 Army wins, 3 draws and 36 Navy wins. I'd say that the Army have not done too badly over the years, though they did lose in 2010, which just happened to be the first time I went to this event. The Army returned to victory in 2011 and 2012, so I'm sure Navy fans have their fingers crossed for another win.

This annual rugby match is more than just the pride of winning, and the sorrow of losing. Last year was reported to have witnessed a record crowd at Twickenham for the event. Last years figure of approximately 65,000 is hoped by some to be broken tomorrow. With ongoing operations, high workloads and friends often being spread by the seven winds, the gathering for this event is used by many as a reunion of sorts. Army vs Navy is attended by both service people and civilians alike, the atmosphere is so awesome that even people in the RAF turn up!

Even though strict instructions are given to people informing them of the trouble they could end up in, there is almost always a mini pitch invasion. My personal favourite would have to be the year that Zorro took to the pitch in all his glory. Even funnier was the inability of stewards to catch him.

Many people will make a good weekend of it and enjoy themselves. Yes there will be drinking, yet for the most part there will be little trouble if any at all. Suarez isn't playing, so its unlikely players will be biting each other either. People are there to relax and enjoy themselves, something which many have earned ten times over or more. It's also a distinct possibility that at least some service members will be keeping track of this match in Afghanistan.

In the blue corner we have the Royal Navy, and in the red corner we have the British Army. May the best team on the day win (*COUGH* ARMY *COUGH*). As long as it doesn't rain and the pitch floods, the Army should be at little risk of the navy being able to effectively use their "subs," though if Alex Salmon had his way, they wouldn't exactly remain as "the nuclear option." It's a weekend of fun and games, not hate and war. If you're attending then enjoy the event, if not then please enjoy a picture of a tank I found lying around.