03/05/2013 12:06 BST | Updated 02/07/2013 06:12 BST

I Hope You Voted

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No political party could ever get every decision right, no matter what you think, as people in this country have differing opinions. Whilst there is undoubtedly always a better way to do things, hindsight is only wonderful after something has happened. I say this not because all politicians are angels, but because I'm pretty sure that not every single one is scum.

Whether you're Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, UKIP, Green Party or other, you will have good people in your party. It also goes to say that whatever your affiliation, you'll have bad people in your party too.

Many people express a view of disenfranchisement with the system, and state that as a reason for not voting. If you feel you can't vote for any of the candidates on a ballot, then you can still turn up and draw a giant penis on your ballot paper if you wish to. I'm not for one minute advocating voting for the lesser of two evils, for poor is the man or woman who betrays their ideals in an effort for the best of a bad bunch.

People can (and should) always take a deeper look and get themselves out there to learn about the candidates. That way they're not just voting for a party, but for the person as well. Perhaps tribal politics has become too much these days, maybe the honest power is a back bench MP, especially one who rebels against his or her whip. Regardless of agreeing with a politician or not, much can be said about someone who does what they believe in because they believe it, not just because they were told to do it.

Local elections took place in several parts of the UK today. At the point of writing I know little of what the turnout has been like. It may have been increased due to many people wanting change or just to protest; equally it could be flat or decreased as people just can't be bothered. UKIP may very well make some momentous gains, equally they very well may not. Either way, at least the possibility of four party politics is on the horizon.

If this is all occurring, it's because people are expressing their freedom and right to vote. People forget that freedom is not free, it can and has cost many people an immense price in both the past and present. Some people call for a march on Parliament to overthrow the government. However, others march on Parliament not to overthrow, but because they are proud of serving. Yet some of their brothers and sisters in arms will never get the chance. For an act that many in this world can only ever fantasise about doing, I hope you voted.