02/04/2013 10:48 BST | Updated 02/06/2013 06:12 BST

What!? No Sunrise At Angkor Wat?

The main draw of the happening little town of Siem Reap in Cambodia is watching a spectacular sunrise at the temple city of Angkor Wat.

The main draw of the happening little town of Siem Reap in Cambodia is watching a spectacular sunrise at the temple city of Angkor Wat.

My first hurdle is a 04:30am wake up call. This is no easy task following a late night out on the aptly named Pub Street after one too many 'Tomb Raider' cocktails.

Next up is jumping into the hands of my trusty tuk tuk driver/Cambodian F1 racing specialist, which is where the real fun begins. Anyone, who has been to Cambodia will tell you bombing around in a tuk tuk is probably one of the major highlights. Well, it is in my book.

This is multiplied tenfold in the early morning darkness with the dust flying everywhere (and it does get everywhere). Within five minutes I find myself involved in some high velocity 'Wacky Races' madcap action humming the Benny Hill theme tune. A grid of roaring tuk tuks battle for pole position through the rough and ready streets against hundreds of other like minded tourists. It's a bit bonkers to say the least.

Then comes the all important pit stop or tactical fly by ...

Jumping out my cab and flinging myself toward the ticket booth, envious of the clever ones who already hold a three day pass and whizz straight past. Ticket in hand, I burst back on track jockeying up and down the pack of buzzing tuk tuks desperately playing catch up. I see a T junction fast approaching where lies a beautiful moat surrounding the temple city of Angkor Wat and a manouvre I dubbed 'The Mystery Split' ...

Some of the tuk tuks go in different directions. I panic wondering which is the best way to go, then my Lewis Hamilton-esque driver banks a sharp left, pulls up in a lay-by and gestures me to hop out.

This is the part where I forgot to bring a torch. Tip toeing my way carefully across the uneven moat walkway towards the main gate. I was surprised I didn't break or twist my ankle in the darkness.

Once through, I gather speed in an olympic walking style to find the best vantage point by a lilly pond. I join hundreds of 'amateur paparazzi' tourists waiting with anticipation for the most spectacular sunrise on this earth.

Dawn breaks, cloud lingers and nothing happens. No sunrise. Not a sausage. Now there's a thought. Breakfast. A local seller approaches me, as I head back. She tells me her name is Lady Gaga and makes the best coffee. How cool is that and an offer I can't refuse!

I'll try again tomorrow or have a lie in. I haven't decided yet. Still, it's great fun ... even if I didn't get to see this awesome spectacle.

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