Nine Transformational Benefits Of Hula Hooping - Bitten By The Hula Bug

I first picked up a Hula Hoop last year and for the life of me just couldn't get it to stay up. Being a competitive so and so I was determined not to be beaten by the Hoop and after managing a few rotations in my second class was utterly hooked.

I've always loved exercise but after having three kids, finding the time and the energy was really tricky and I was past my kick boxing days. I wanted to find something that I could involve my children in to keep them active but also to enable us as a family to have fun whilst exercising.

Welcome the humble but ever amazing HULA HOOP!

I first picked up a Hula Hoop last year and for the life of me just couldn't get it to stay up. Being a competitive so and so I was determined not to be beaten by the Hoop and after managing a few rotations in my second class was utterly hooked.

Being bitten by the Hula bug has been the most insane, rewarding and life changing experience I've had in a long time. I can't imagine my life now without Hula Hooping. I got so obsessed with it that I was practising between 8-10 hours per week so I decided to get a teaching certificate and now run weekly classes for adults and children in the evenings and on weekends and am also making custom made hula hoops.

My friends and family know how nutty I am about hooping and I guess it's now become a big part of who I am and my future. I've created a brand, Hoop Like A Boss that is growing, working on sponsorship deals, expanding my classes and looking at world hula hooping retreats for 2017 so I can learn and grow. Wow! Just WOW!

I've put together 9 benefits of Hula Hooping that I hope will encourage and inspire you to pick up a hoop and let your inner child run free.

Work Those Abs & Tone That Butt

Hooping uses the muscles in your tummy (both upper and lower abs) as well as muscles in your back. Not only does hooping burn away visceral fat (which is that hard to blast internal fat) but also strengthens your core like nobody's business. The motion required to keep the hoop spinning relies on the glutes (buttocks), hips and abdominal muscles. So expect to get toned and honed in those core areas.

Burn, baby burn!

The American Council estimates that hooping can burn over 400 calories an hour. To put that into perspective the exercise is similar to rowing, tennis or taking a hike for an hour! And we've got to say, hooping is way more fun that all of those put together. Hooping is much fun that you forget the upshot of a high-energy, low-impact cardio workout.

Bingo Wings Begone

Forget about pumping iron for killer arms, there are a range of moves that will tone those arms to perfection. From Lasso to isolations and moves such as passing the hoop around your body. You'll have arms you can be proud of.

It's All About Balance

Any notion of thinking hooping is a total breeze needs to be chucked out that window and fast! Our bodies aren't as easy to manoeuvre as they were back when we were little kiddies. Hooping improves balance as most of the tricks rely on having balance and co-ordination. Ever tried hooping standing on one leg?!

Increase Flexibility

Waist hooping is the most soothing rhythmic movement and it requires either a back and forth pumping motion or a side to side motion which is great for staying flexible. The intermediate and advanced hooper engages multiple parts of the body from chest, shoulders, hips, waist, arms and legs. Phew! So expect to improve your flexibility.

Improve Your Hand-Eye Co-ordination

Hooping challenges your brain, that there is no doubt. Hooping isn't just about keeping it spinning on your waist but about learning off the body tricks, on the body tricks, flows and sequences which require patience, focus and hand-eye co-ordination. Once you learn them you'll never forget and can even do them with your eyes closed.

Re-align Your Spine

If you work with computers or are sedentary for long periods of time, hooping can be a great way to help your spine unwind and re-align itself. Hula hooping works your core muscles and as these are responsible for the alignment of your spine, hooping helps to maintain and increase spine flexibility.


Laughter is known to reduce stress and increase the levels of health boosting hormones such as endorphins and boost your immune system. Hula hoops possess an almost magical ability to resort 'grown adults' to a gaggle of giggling kids. Release that inner child, liberate yourself from the pressures of the outside world and get hooping.

Boost Your self-esteem & Confidence

Hooping is 'hip and creative' and can go a long way in helping boost self-esteem and body confidence. Hooping makes you feel alive and it does wonders for getting you in shape, laughing and feeling positive and good about yourself. A brilliant tool and exercise for young girls and anyone needing a bit of a boost.

If you fancy a challenge and want to learn to hoop and experience the amazing benefits for yourself, head over to Hoop Like A Boss Facebook Community Page and drop me a message.