17/11/2014 10:17 GMT | Updated 14/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Five Fashion Forward Apps

1. Pose

Pose is like the Instagram of Fashion. With over 3 million users its become the go-to tool for fashion bloggers and street snappers. Pose's community sees users swap photos and videos of their outfits, makeup and shopping finds. You can be inspired, save outfit ideas, purchase and comment on Pinterest-like "Collections" boards as well as get advice on the latest fashion offering. And hey if people like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe are on there then count us in!

2. Swackett

Swackett is a weather app that actually plays to the one reason you check the weather - to decide what to wear. Through your location it determines your local weather forecast & helpfully runs through what sort of coverage you'll need for the day. They may use generic computer generated images of what style you should don, but just knowing that you'll need a light jacket with a scarf, brings you one step closer to answering the daily question of "WHAT SHALL I WEAR TODAY?"

3. Spot the Fake

Is that a real or a fake? When it comes to buying your Mulberry or Louis Vuitton you don't want to be spending thousands on a counterfeit. Japanese company NEC is currently developing a solution to your faux-woes by developing a lens that you slot onto your smartphone to help you spot the knockoffs. Take a snap of the item in question and the super-detailed image captured will be compared to a database of product "fingerprints". These fingerprints match up things like surface patterns as well zips & fastens. The lens won't be around until next April, so if you don't want to wait that long my advice is stay away from those markets.

4. The Hunt

The Hunt calls itself the "cure for outfit envy", as it enables you to track down any item you like the look whether you've seen it on a celebrity, snapped some street style or lusted after an item in a magazine. It's community driven - so users post images of a product they're on the hunt for and then other users help find it on sale. What's great is that this app prides itself on finding the exact match and the user-to-user functionality cultivates a friendly interactive community.

5. IStyleMyself

IStyleMyself is the workings of Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Diana Tkhamadokova and former Tatler fashion director Hannah Teare. This algorithm run app suggests outfit choices based on your wardrobe as well as tens of thousands of garments on the net. It seems to be the first of its kind that manages to put together looks that are genuinely fashionable and something that you'd want to wear. The downside is that you have to take a photo of every item in your wardrobe, but once you've done the backlog it's easy to update every time you hit the shops.