13/01/2015 06:20 GMT | Updated 14/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Celebrity Big Brother - Say What, Ken?

Although Celebrity Big Brother is supposed to be all about the combative gob that is Katie Hopkins, it turns out she is but a mewling infant next to the giants of misogynistic and/or racist behaviour as displayed in various guises by two of her housemates. Jeremy Jackson was unceremoniously booted out of the house for groping Chloe Goodman. Now one-time Corrie regular Ken Morley has been ejected for his "unacceptable and offensive language". Goodbye, Ken. It is doubtful that anyone other than your agent will mourn your departure.

Channel 5 kept its announcement short and for Ken at least, not particularly sweet.

Under normal circumstances I would see no reason to give ocean-going twerps like Ken any airtime, but his remarks to Alexander O'Neal deserve to be more widely known, if only to demonstrate how casual racism is alive and kicking, albeit hiding under the invisibility cloak of "political correctness gone mad."

Ken thought it would be hilarious to share with Alexander a "joke", which he told in a feeble attempt at a Southern US accent, using the words "a nice big fat negro." Alexander patiently explained to him that "When you get in the company of another black man, don't say negro.'

But such niceties are of no interest to Ken, who retorted that he found the description "black" to be just as offensive and patronisingly went on to say that "negro is Spanish for black." Quick as a flash Alexander shot back: 'But you're not Spanish.'

Unabashed, Ken went on to use up the old but nonetheless offensive term "pickaninny", (seriously, when was Ken Morley born? 1805?) to which Alexander, who is to be applauded for not rapping Ken smartly on the nose, instead contented himself with replying: 'That'll get your a** kicked.'

How can Ken Morley not know this? My guess is he does, and doesn't care. Now he's gone, and whatever career aspirations he may have had, they have turned to ashes in his "what's wrong with that?" mouth.

Channel 5 must be thrilled - and about to ask Katie Hopkins to return her fee.

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