17/12/2013 12:21 GMT | Updated 16/02/2014 05:59 GMT

One Day I Flew Away...

One of my 30 things before I'm 30 was to fly in a helicopter and this Saturday, in Chichester (I didn't know where it was either) I did it. And it was everything I wanted it to be.

A perfect excuse was to book it for my mates 30th... Kelly is one of my best friends who I've had in my life since we were two gobby nine-year-olds. And this weekend proved our maturity hasn't aged a day.

On Friday night, both aided with slight hangovers and bags of carbs we boarded the train. I 'treated' us to first class. A complete waste of money aside the fact we actually managed to get a seat. That white cloth over the seat WAS NOT worth the double fair. Especially on the Southern railway. The train was filthy. If you fancy a laugh, check out the parody twitter account set up to abuse them.

It just proves what appalling service they offer. Good old Twitter, giving the people a voice eh?

We arrived at Crouchers our hotel. Minutes from the station but overlooking fields it was the perfect place to start a night of girly pampering, rom coms & chocolate. ‎

The hotel was lovely. Cute and cottage feeling but with all mod cons. We had a huge four poster bed and the breakfast in the morning was immense & just what we needed to start the day.

I had booked us on to FLY with Elite. w A lovely company with some awesome helicopters (they were pretty) and a lovely man called Bill keeping the company together. (If you book there, hug him, he's a gem of a person and really understood how excited we were!)

The experience was unreal! I imagined it would be amazing but I couldn't imagine it would be THIS good. There is something so the thrilling being so high and seeing the world like that. It kinda makes you remember how much we can achieve when you step back and look at life from a distance.

It's experiences like this that you remember forever, so I urge everyone to start the new year thinking about what it is that you want to do and just getting it booked.

Regarding FLYING.... I urge everyone to do it. It's not expensive and it's going in as one of my favourite things of 2013. And what a year that's been....