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Five British Castles You Can Stay In

Sometimes a trip away needs to have that extra magical touch to make you feel like a prince or princess in a fairytale. So why not stay in a castle?

Castles are always popping up in magical stories - Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and The Beast, and Cinderella - to name but a few.

In Britain we are blessed with the real thing. There are an estimated 300 restored castles and a further 500 castles sites with some remains.

Lots of these restored castles, packed with history, are open to the public. Some favourite tourist trips are to Leeds Castle in Kent, Carisbroke Castle on the Isle of Wight, Dover Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Caernarfon Castle, Caerphilly Castle - and for castle fans the list goes on.

At some castles you get the chance to try on armour, climb up the castellations - the spaced notches on the top - walk round the moat and admire grand drawbridges. And at Windsor Castle you can even see if the Queen is at home or not by looking at the flag!

We've pulled together five of our favourite castle hotels in Britain for you to peruse. They vary from remote imposing creations in rural Scotland to smaller renovations near market towns. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because it's a castle the interior is going to be all bare and unwelcoming! These castles are equipped with modern luxuries - one even has a cinema!

So scroll through our favourite castle hotels. What's more you can even score them on their appeal to you to find out which is king of the castle hotels - and which one doesn't float your moat!