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Is An Indulgent Solo Date Night The Ultimate Millennial Mood Booster?

We're all busy. With budding careers and futures that need paving, shining social lives and families to fuss over, us modern day girls have it all going on. Because we can't seem to go to work for eight hours a day and switch off at the end of it like previous generations. We have to do more, see more, be more.

Millennials have to be on at all times, be everywhere, and be seen doing everything. It's exhausting. Add the idea of some kind of relationship or dating life into the equation, and it all suddenly feels a bit too much. But we still get up, show up, keep up, and carry on with the best of them. I guess that's why Forbes say burnout before 30 is a thing.

But I have no intention of finding out for myself.

As much as my career means to me, as much as I want to outshine my self-imposed expectations, I value my health and wellbeing so much more. I think we all do. It's why there's a lot of truth in the phrase work hard, play hard. Even if we do blur the boundaries between work and play a bit too much, we give them both everything we've got.

So it's no surprise that we want our social lives to be as big and bold as our working worlds. Date nights, staycations, mini moons, baby moons - they've all stemmed from wanting to get out, let go, and relax. But who says only couples or groups should have all the fun? To beat the dreaded burnout, recharge your on-the-blink batteries, and just celebrate yourself, enjoy an indulgent night for one in the name of wellness.

Why? Because I tried it, and it worked. Unplug, unwind, and physically separate yourself from your world for a moment. With the help of sophisticated surroundings, gorgeous food, and a little pampering, time to yourself never felt so good. And here's how I did it.

Step one on my agenda: somewhere to get away from it all.

London boasts a bunch of incredibly beautiful, attentive, and cozy hotels. Any could do. But for me, 11 Cadogan Gardens stood out. The boutique Chelsea hotel, a stone's throw away from Sloane Square and the King's Road, is quirky, charming, and quiet. Just what I needed.

I checked in relatively early. Intending to drop off my overnight bag and run, I was surprised to find my room ready. Staying in one of the Signature Suites, number thirteen, I knew the peaceful retreat side of things would be firmly ticked off.

Decadent, elegant, and comfortable, it effortlessly formed the backdrop for my solo date night. After a tour of the hotel's dark and cultured interior, including the suave nightcap-calling bar, I was back out the door again and ready to run around London.

Filling my day with brunch, bookstores, and beauty treatments, it was soon time to dash back to my suite and change ahead of dinner with the girls. Because why dine alone when prosecco calls?

Step number two: dinner with the girls.

Heading to South Kensington, we laughed, cried, and filled our futures with travel plans over plates of pasta, as usual. At Pierino, hearty Italian food flows among the kind of warming buzz you always want from a family restaurant. And when you're looking for a mood booster, there's nothing like girly chats and comforting carbs to lift your spirits and light up the night.

With a tummy stuffed with sweetness, (because who can say no to tiramisu?), we parted ways. I meandered back to Chelsea, bubble-fuelled and thoroughly therapied out, for step three of my night.

Steps three and four: fall into a post-soak slumber and feel fresh for breakfast.

My suite's plush marble bathroom was calling. Drawing a warm and bubbly bath, I soaked the rest of my night away with a side of fiction before slipping into the kind of slumber than only a borderline burnt out body can command.

I don't know about you, but no matter how aesthetically pleasing a hotel may be, I always judge a joint by my night's sleep. Based on the fit for a queen sized bed and the layers of comfort I could sink into, it was A*'s all round. Waking well-rested and ready to eat, I was glad I'd ordered breakfast to my room before I hit the pillow. Because what's a staycation without endless amounts of food? Especially when fresh pastries and extra-strong coffee is on the cards.

Refuelled, refreshed, and dressed for the day. I left my luggage with the ever-charming concierge team and leisurely made my way to Kensington High Street. Although I'd intended on enjoying just one evening away from it all, I couldn't resist the urge to turn it into a selfish 24 hours. Again, all in the name of wellness.

And the final step? Pampering, of course.

That morning, I had my hair booked in for a much-needed trim and bouncy blow dry with the queen of cuts, Cheryl at Daniel Galvin in Kensington. Chatting and cutting away, enjoying a cheeky coffee from the cafe opposite, it was the perfect finish to my me-time. Never underestimate the power of pampering.

When you're pretty much programmed to run at a mile a minute, take on too much, and avoid downtime, embarking on a selfish indulgence feels like a breath of fresh air. If you've hit your limits with work and need some time out, a sort of solo date night could be all it takes to get you back on track.

The millennial world doesn't have to be all go, all of the time. Because we all need something to sweeten it up. As I always say, life's too short to not order dessert!

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