10/10/2013 08:07 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

In Conversation With... Capital Cities

There's nothing better than going to see a band, who aren't quite on your radar yet, but you come away with an urgent need to fill your iPod with every one of their tracks.

That's how I felt after seeing Capital Cities at XOYO, who gave the venue a show that it's never experienced before. Pure, unadulterated fun underscored by thumping electronic beats and a playfulness I last saw in a Flight Of The Conchords episode.

Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian are the brains behind the high-octane outfit (and who even wear matching outfits along with their live band) and the masters of some heavy dance moves.

Their debut album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery is out this week, and definitely worth a download, but here's a little more about the guys and why you should be taking notice...

You guys first started making money by writing jingles... how does it compare to writing your own music?

One is for money and the other is for art...and money.

Where does the name Capital Cities come from and which is favourite capital?

The Capital Cities name came from a brainstorming session (beat out "Capital of Maine") and both our favourite capital city is Lisbon.

You've spent time crafting your music... were you worried about label involvement in changing your style?

Capitol Records was very supportive and gave us full creative control.

How did the Andre 3000 collaboration come about?

In the song Farrah Fawcet Hair, we thought about reaching out to one of our favourite hip hop artists to add a verse to the song. We both felt the perfect choice was Andre 3000. We sent him the track and to our delight, he agreed to sing on it.

Describe your new album in 5 words

Engaging, Melodic, Funky, Eclectic, Stupendous

What's your favourite jingle that you ever wrote? Would you consider still doing them?

A jingle for Helzberg Diamonds. We still do, with our own licensing them to commercials.

Well done on the VMA Award... but did you look like Will Smith's family when you saw Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we missed it.

You met on Craigslist.. have you used it for anything else? And Sebu did you get any weird responses?

Ryan: Yes, we've found our bass player and roommates on Craigslist. I've has also sold furniture and musical equipment.

Sebu: Besides Ryan's?

You've had monumental success but when did you have that moment when you realised you're actually doing your dream?

Sebu: When I started my first band at the age of 16.

Ryan: When I met the President of Peru during our tour. He came to our show in Lisbon.

What's your ultimate goal?

Ryan: Self-actualisation

Sebu: To make a film about Komitas, the father of Armenian music.

Photo by Hanna Flint