11/04/2014 08:32 BST | Updated 10/06/2014 06:59 BST

How I Wear My Wardrobe

I always used to wear the same clothes over and over, and had piles of unworn stuff in my wardrobe. And I assume that this is the reality for many women today, am I right?

I remember when I was doing a wardrobe clean out around 2.5 years ago, and saw so many things with tags, things that I had bought years ago, things that I loved, but was scared to wear because I'm plus-size. Around the same time I also started following fashion blogs that were run by gorgeous plus-size girls who wore what they wanted. All that got me thinking and I decided to start wearing something new from my wardrobe every day, even the more daring stuff. And in a few months I felt the need to start my own blog, and The Wardrobe Challenge was born.

I'm still on that same challenge today, wearing something different every day, but with my ever-growing wardrobe that certainly is a mission. In this post I wanted to show you an example of how I choose my outfits, and hope you get some tips to wearing more of your wardrobe.

I'm not a morning person myself, I need to sleep as long as I can and then fly out the door, so giving much thought to my outfit in the morning is a no-no for me. For that reason I usually choose my outfit for the day on the previous evening, that way I don't need to hurry and I can give it some thought. So, and this is the key part for me, I usually start by choosing an item that I have never worn, or haven't worn in a long while.


For this example I chose to start with this lovely black coat, and like you can see, the tags are still on... haha. This coat has a huge waterfall collar and edges, and has lots of volume. My instinct said that I should pair it with simple white tank top and a pair of skinny jeans, so that the coat is the main focus of the outfit.



When it's time for shoes and accessories, I usually try to choose at least one piece that I wear really rarely, and get more variety to my outfits that way as well. With this outfit I went for black trainers with a chunky white sole, I have only worn them once before, but they bring something current to the otherwise quite classic outfit. I also went for my new persplex clutch, and a chunky gold chain - and classic red lipstick.



The end result is like this, classic denim, monochrome, gold and red lipstick, with added current trends like chunky shoes and persplex clutch.



I hope my way of thinking and building an outfit will help you get more use of the neglected items in your wardrobe too. I'm sure you can find many items that deserve some love and wear!

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