Undershirts Really Are a Revolution for Men

Undershirts really are 'a thing' and, quite frankly, you need to get on the hype. Once you go under, you'll never come back up.. Seriously!

Undershirts? I just didn't get it.

As a 20-year-old based in London, I was hot enough on the central line in the morning as it was.. Why would I want an extra layer?

Now I'm sure there'll be some lads who will laugh at me for saying that, but there will also be some others who are equally uneasy with the idea.

This a post for the latter.

Undershirts really are 'a thing' and, quite frankly, you need to get on the hype. Once you go under, you'll never come back up.. Seriously!

So what changed my mind?

Well it started with a friend of mind, who recently landed a job at one of the world's largest 'shapewear' companies (ranges including the dreaded undershirt).

"I think you're on a sinking ship with that," I told her. "Global warming, etc, it's a complete non-starter in my mind."

"I disagree with you completely," she replied, "from the people I've been speaking too..." (I lost focus on what she was saying at this point, we'd had a few drinks and she was hot).

But I remember how it ended, "... Tell you what, why don't you try one out and then buy me dinner to tell me how right I am?"

She had my attention.

Wear an undershirt for the day and get a hot date in return? I see no-problem with that whatsoever.

So the next day off I went to Harvey Nichols... I was so sure that I was right, I wanted to get something top-of-the-line just to prove my point.

After managing as much 'chit-chat' with their resident 'Shapewear expert' as I could stomach, I ended up walking out with a £50 undershirt.

This was turning into an expensive date. After lots of "who do I think I am, splashing out on something I don't think even want?"-style thoughts, it was time to try an undershirt out for the first time.

This is when the magic happened.

To my surprise... Undershirts don't actually make you hot! Well, the expensive ones at least.

Mine had some 'breathe easy zones' that the packet informs me are 'specifically designed to cool when wearing'.

Additionally, they help keep your outer shirt fresh (I'm sure that doesn't need spelling out much further).

And, finally, with the right ones they can make you look better!

When I purchased mine, I was worried I had gone for the size too big. But when I took it out the pack my jaw dropped (Tulisa style) at how small it was.

Needless to say, as undershirts are typically designed to be tight-fitting, that after I stretched into mine my body had significantly toned-up.

Perfect if, like me, you haven't achieved the Zac Efron style body you want yet (and it's always yet).

The only negative from my experiencewas that I regret opting for the t-shirt version.

Simply because it made it hard to rock my open button business-casual that I wear day-to-day. The vest version would have been much more suitable.

So what's the message here? Undershirts are cool. If, like me, you have your doubts.. put them aside. I can't believe it took me 20 years!

I also think it's worth spending some time and doing some research before handing over your card. There are lots of undershirts on the market and only one will be right for you.

I personally went for the Cotton Compression V-Neck' by SPANX, but there are lots of alternatives on the market (Mario Lopez, for example, is making a killing).

Oh, and before I go, if you're wondering about the date... let's just say my undershirt didn't stay on for very long.

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