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How to Give Your Cold the Cold Shoulder?

No one wants to get a cold. Even if most cases are nothing really serious, a cold can significantly interfere with your everyday life as it prevents you from performing your regular activities as you would normally do. Not to mention that your overall mood is affected and energy levels run low.


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How To Avoid Getting A Cold In The First Place?

Wash your hands frequently

I know this is obvious and should go without saying, but you might get carried away throughout the day and forget to do this as often as you should. Viruses spread very easily via door knobs and other items that people touch on a regular basis so either clean them or try to avoid contact.

Hand sanitizers are very helpful to kill germs too. Also, try to keep your hands away from your face for the viruses not to enter the body easily through the mouth, eyes or nasal passages.

Lower the stress levels

Stress weakens the immune system and makes it prone to colds and other health-related issues. Instead of stressing out, try to find ways to be more relaxed and let yourself go a bit more.

Replace soft drinks with tea

Whether you prefer green tea, rooibos or any other flavour, it will provide a great amount of antioxidants. Apart from the beneficial value, there are no added sugars or sweeteners. Have you tried green tea latte?


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However, if you have already got a cold, you don't need to go and rush out to buy medicine or painkillers. There are healthy ways to get rid of it as quickly as possible that have absolutely no side effects. They will speed up the recovery and won't drain your budget either.

Here's what you should keep in mind to deal with a cold:

Nutritious meals

Food is meant to provide us the nutrients our bodies need to function properly, not only to stop the feeling of hunger. Make the best out of each minute you spend eating and only go for meals packed with nutrients. Have you heard of clean eating diet ?

Do your best to reduce processed foods with little or no nutritional value and include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in all meals. Apart from lacking nutrients, fast food contains fats and sugars that could promote inflammation and make you even sicker.

Focus on protein-rich foods. Beans, spinach or grains fit any diet. In between meals or early in the morning you shouldn't refrain from eating plenty of citrus fruits as they contain loads of vitamin C, which will ease the recovery.

Juice drinking

Always go for 100% juices, not the ones that are mainly made of water, sugar and artificial flavours. It's best if you squeeze the fruits and vegetables yourself to have it nice and fresh. This boosts the fruit/vegetable intake and therefore all the goodies that come along.


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If everything fails, try this delicious Ginger, Lemon and Honey remedy:


2 lemons, sliced

1 inch of fresh ginger root

3/4 cup of raw honey



Wash the lemons thoroughly, slice them up and place them in the jar. Next grate the ginger and put in the jar, before pouring in the honey and sealing it tightly. Store in the fridge and let it sit for a couple of days. Each time you need to soothe yourself scoop 2-3 tsp into a cup of hot water and sip away. It tastes amazing!



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What to get:

Sea buckthorn oil

It contains the most concentrated content of sea buckthorn. It's constituents include fatty acids, vitamin E, C and K, as well as minerals that can help you get on your feet in no time. Pour 20 drops in some honey and take this three times a day. Honey will soothe the achey throat and bring its own amazing properties to the table.

Propolis tincture

It is a natural antibiotic and it is very rich in flavonoids, which will significantly alleviate the symptoms and helps you get better faster.

Royal jelly

When it comes to nutrients, this is a true gem which can help you fight against colds and strengthen your immune system.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile has significant antimicrobial properties and helps against inflammation as well. It will also contribute to a better hydration of the body.


It's one of nature's top medicines to stimulate the immune system. You can take it in any form and it will always do the trick. There are inexpensive syrups, supplements or teas.


They might be the best fruits for colds as they are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Also, they are cheap and everyone enjoys the taste, so they can easily be included in your diet. How about adding some on your porridge?


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• A warm bath will help with nose congestion and stuffiness at the end of the day. Saltwater sprays can help you when you are on the go.

• Fenugreek tea is highly useful for coughing and it brings relief for that sore throat too.

• If the smell doesn't bother you, you can give your immune system a hand using fresh garlic or onion tea. The taste might not be delicious, but the advantages make them worth the effort.

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