09/09/2015 12:19 BST | Updated 09/09/2016 06:12 BST

#RHOBH: Season Five Wrap

Our explosive #RHOBH Season Five is wrapping!! I have a feeling it's not going to be #HappilyEverAfter for all involved. The Beverly Hills secret drama vault is being opened, and you know there are going to be some diamonds in there... or at least some gold diggers.

Lisa Rinna is leaving us on a sexy note, and loving it! She reveals that she has a sex book, takes blowjob classes, and has posed nude for Playboy - with her #HarryBush! Although she does clarify that she has not dabbled in porn. Apparently, that's where she draws the line! #MILF

But just in case anyone might get the wrong idea about her being too risqué, Lisa Rinna shares that she is also preparing for her breakout role in a Hallmark movie. Her daughter Delilah is helping her prepare for the role. Honestly, the best part of the scene is when Delilah mentions the Louboutins that Lisa R. gifted her, and asks where they are because she hasn't seen them lately. Turns out, Lisa sold them because Delilah never wore them! LOL! No wasting money in this ZIP code!!

Lisa R. isn't the only one thinking about fiscal responsibility. Yolanda is looking to "downsize" from Malibu to Beverly Hills. But when you move into Beverly Hills, you certainly do not get more for your money! In fact, it's quite the opposite. Less is more! And how courteous of Yolanda to use Mauricio as her real estate agent. Keeping it in the family.

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But despite her residence in these two glamorous, exclusive California neighborhoods, we also get to see the small house Yolanda grew up in, in a little region of Holland. She and the crew track it down behind the scenes. Apparently, being on a reality show gives you a pass to knock on a stranger's door and take a tour of their house, because once they find her old house, that is exactly what they do! It was a great insight to see how far Yolanda really has come.

And speaking of family and remembering your roots, some of these ladies are now getting ready to be - dare I say it - Grandmothers! Wow, times are changing. Leading the Granny Pack is Lisa Vanderpump. I do have a feeling she's a little older than some of the other ladies. Pandora, time to pop out those #PoshBabies!

One of the most anticipated reveals is regarding the previously unseen meeting between Lisa Rinna and Kim that happened earlier this season, when Lisa allegedly sent threatening texts to Kim. Kim is not going to take Lisa's aggressive antics lightly! Although maybe Kim miscalculates when she claims to be "scared" of Lisa now. Kim, please! You are not scared of anyone or anything! We all know it about you! It's also funny that Kim obviously approaches this meeting to say what she wants, and then tries to walk away once she has said her piece. Very mature, Kim! But at least the air is cleared now, and Lisa's going to keep her hands to herself. I love that Lisa continues to have a conversation without anyone there, yelling after Kim to go ahead and take the last word. Both of you ladies are scary!

Almost as entertaining as Lisa's conversation with Kim's back is Eileen pretending that she doesn't want to win an Emmy. Yeah, right! Obviously you want to, when it's your life goal! #EmmyEnvy And Eileen certainly is dressed for the part! She "snagged" it!

But move over, Eileen: Porsche is in town and already on the path to fame and fortune! Let the #StarSearch begin! Kyle is going to be a great momager - she has already gotten Porsche on a reality TV show at such a young age. But I think Porsche is going to have to learn to pronounce her own name before she take on any lead roles! It's super cute that she can't say her Rs yet, but according to Kyle she needs to learn to pronounce them. I'm not sure why Kyle is being hypersensitive about Porsche becoming an actress, anyway, when she's already on reality TV. Reality TV is way more critical than acting!

We wrap at this episode at Château Camille. Definitely my favorite home in this circle of 90210 ladies. Her house is so big, they have to take a golf cart around the property! #BlessedDivorcée

And, as the season wraps, it's time to wrap up my blog here too! But I can't say goodbye without recapping my top five absolute favorite moments from Season 5:

5. Brandi having to sing at Lisa Vanderpump's birthday in a tent to mend fences. Poor Brandi! If only we could have shouted through the screen and warned her!! #SaveYourBreath

4. All the ladies getting stuck on the escalator in the airport with all of their luggage when they arrived in Europe. Their designer luggage probably cost a fortune, but that shot of them struggling on the escalator together? #Priceless

3. Brandi and Kyle's shoving match that almost turned into a fistfight, after the big poker game at Eileen's house in Malibu. Who knew Brandi and Kim would end up as BFFs this season!

2. The car ride to Malibu with Lisa and Kim. I actually thought I needed a translator to understand what Kim was saying! And this was Lisa's initiation into the Housewives' world, and all the crazy of this season. It was truly a foreshadowing of everything that was to come!

1. Obviously, that Amsterdam drama is the most memorable part of the season! I will never forget Lisa Rinna smashing glasses and lunging over the table, attempting to choke Kim!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog! It's been fun to dish about the crazy shenanigans of these Beverly Hills Housewives. Sometimes, the 90210 is not so different from the rest of the world. Just more elite drama . . . and maybe just a little more drama in general! Thanks to all my readers for coming on this epic journey with me. I'll be focusing on some other projects for now, but I look forward to returning soon! And be sure to keep an eye out for season 6! #AlltheDrama can't stay gone for long!

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