12/08/2015 18:20 BST | Updated 12/08/2016 06:59 BST

#RHOBH S5, EP19 - The Party's Over

Episode 18 Recap:

Tears and tantrums rained down throughout this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Some of these women are revealing that they are just a mess! One of the biggest plot points this season has been Kim teaming up with the ultimate pit bull Brandi - but it turns out that Kim was the attack dog! Stay out of her way and don't make her mad!!

Kim Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna

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Episode 19:

Adrian Maloof throws an over-the-top, extravagant party and invites all our favorite Housewives! Who doesn't love a 90201 party?! But it seems a little obvious that Adrian might just be trying to get back her spot in the show's main cast. She invites the ladies not just to attend her party, but to film at the glamorous event, where of course as hostess, she will be one of the stars of the evening!

Lisa Vanderpump takes the opportunity to shame and confront Brandi one last time for her grand finale - but Brandi has other plans. Brandi is sick of these women and is not having it when Lisa V. tries to shame her. I agree with Brandi. She said she was sorry, the whole thing was obviously a joke, and this is all being blown way out of proportion! These women are just bored and need something to talk about for their plot lines. Well, ladies, you're going to have to pick a new victim next season! Brandi won't be around all the time to be your scapegoat!

Kim Richards Confronts Brandi Glanville

In other Lisa news, Lisa Rinna apparently thinks she can just throw out conversations and have no consequences for anything she says. Look out, Lisa R., because Kyle is coming for you! And she is angry! You can't say to Kyle that Brandi's trying to form an intervention for Kim and think that's going to be the end of the conversation! No, no, drama Queen, this is just the beginning!! Lisa R. has wanted in on the Kim drama all season . . . well, here you go!! Now you've made your mark, but you're also looking like a liar. If you can't back it, don't say it!! That's the very first rule of #HousewifeDrama101!

I am so glad when Kyle confronts Lisa R. in this episode! Finally! For someone who wants to be the new "IT" Beverly Hills housewife, Lisa R. sure dishes it out but just can't seem to take it. She backs down way too easily!! But she does do a good job of stirring up all the Housewives. My advice to her would be: just admit to who you are, and don't pretend to be such a goody-goody when you're the one starting #AllTheDrama!

Spoiler Alert:

It's official: there's a new housewife in town! Her name is Erika Jayne, and she is certainly the prettiest of them all! I am so excited to see how she will fit into this elite group. Apparently, she is Yolanda's friend and a pop superstar! I hope she brings the superstar drama!

I'm sad to see Brandi leave the show, but if someone had to replace her I'm thrilled it will be Erika! It sounds like her niche is performing in gay bars. This might just be a recipe for some super-bitchy catfights... which we LOVE!! #obv

Coming up in Episode 20

The new season can't get here fast enough!

Thank goodness, while we wait for our next round of #AlltheDrama with our favorite 90210 ladies, we have, not one - not two - but three!! - fierce reunion episodes coming up!!! I love reunion episodes, when the women have to confront each other with no escape!! Can't wait to see what these ladies will have to say to each other when they sit down to clear the air!!

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