26/08/2015 13:17 BST | Updated 26/08/2016 06:59 BST

#RHOBH: The Reunion Part 2

Lots to discuss from the second reunion episode! Brandi gets hypersensitive about cheaters. When something happens to you personally that impacts your life, obviously you are going to react strongly when you hear that someone else is doing the exact same thing that tore your life apart! Brandi flips the #BitchSwitch in the blink of an eye when she hears that Eileen has been a "home-wrecker." And to be fair, I don't think Brandi ever really was a high school fan of Eileen's soap opera; I think she just said that to play nice in the beginning. And now her time has come to test Eileen's real-life drama skills! Look out, Eileen!

And Eileen should know by now that there are no secrets on reality TV. If you were a home-wrecker in the past, regardless of the circumstances, it is going to come out! Eileen, you're not playing a pretend character anymore, and you can't always get the role you want in real life. Maybe you should've had some important conversations with your kids before signing up to be a reality star in the 90210... but don't try to blame Brandi for your mistakes now! Brandi is just playing her role in keeping things real. If you can't keep it real, don't try to be a Real Housewife! #TruthHurts And I also agree with Brandi that Eileen brought the least to this season of RHOBH - nobody wants to watch a boring housewife! We all need a break from our own lives! That's why we look forward to #AlltheDrama!!

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I am always amazed when Brandi does something extreme. Like the wine-throwing!!! It seems so funny, outlandish, crazy, dramatic - amazing! Obviously to be on the receiving end would suck, but to be a viewer is fantastic! Brandi is the sacrificial Drama Queen lamb of this season, and all the others she has been on. Someone has to take the heat and be the one bringing the drama. It's a dirty job, and it takes the right person to do it right!!

Honestly, other than Brandi's antics, the best part of the reunion so far is that Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle Richards are all wearing the same shoes on the same couch. #FashionPolice

And speaking of Lisa Rinna, maybe she should #MYOB and just fight her own battles instead of trying to involve herself in others' arguments. Isn't that what she "took a stand for" and vowed to do in Amsterdam?? Newsflash, Lisa R., you are not the 90210 den mother! It is not your job to correct and convict everyone of their faults. Although I thoroughly enjoy it from the couch, obviously, you're bringing these problems on yourself! Why so are you getting so aggro? If your husband didn't do anything wrong, why are you being so defensive? (And ewwww, Lisa!! "He f**ked the dog"?? Really?? Gross.) I want to know the secret Kim knows. Lisa was so upset that she threw a glass, so obviously this topic gets her blood boiling! What is the 411??

Speaking of "family matters," I do love all these mothers' parenting skills, or lack of them. How do you raise a child in Beverly Hills? I certainly wouldn't want to begin that journey! #RecipeforDisaster

To be fair, though, it is true that Lisa Rinna's main storyline this season was Kim's sobriety and all the fallout drama. She was the sole witness to Kim relapsing on their drive to Malibu, and that would put anyone in a difficult position. I do give Lisa R. props for sticking by what she knew was going on, and not backing down. That put Lisa on the map for me as the new must-see Housewife. (Side note: have you noticed that Lisa Rinna always has the best makeup of all the ladies? Maybe not the best hair, but definitely the best makeup!) Although she did get thrown into the Kim drama from the beginning, Lisa also certainly capitalized off of it - and rightfully so! It's a reality show, that's what you're supposed to do!

And I am still so shocked that Brandi and Kim are BFFs. Obviously they needed each other, so good for them. And Kyle, please don't play all innocent with Brandi when you are the one who puts your hands on her first! In the court of law, you are the one who would have an assault charge.

And wow!! News flash!! Stop the presses!! Kim apologizes to Eileen! LOL. The best part is that she didn't know whether she had already apologized or not. #fromtheheart

This leads us into the sister feud. Kyle has been frothing at the mouth trying to get at Kim all night. The best part is that they keep referencing Kathy Hilton. "Kathy would do this! Kathy would do that!" Seriously, ladies? I hope we can all see what Kathy does next season!!

Kim it is too crazy to fix anything and Kyle is too self-aware. They can both pretend otherwise, but at the end of the day they don't really want to make up. #FamilyFeud But honestly, Kyle is a good sister and Kim should be thankful to have her. Sister relationships can be really hard, but are very important. I hope for their sake that they can kiss and make up once and for all. You sisters are too divided by the other cast members! Don't forget that you need each other, too.

Spoiler alert - The Reunion Part 3:

If you're looking for a Housewives lovefest, this is not the place to find it! All the best drama is always saved for last! There will be no make-ups at this reunion, just official breakups! This is the last time you'll see Brandi, and we should all be crying. She is the Drama Queen, and has been at the center of this show for several seasons. But save your tears for the pillow because one more episode of #AllTheDrama is on its way!

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