An Earthly Experience in a Blue World

19/03/2012 12:12 GMT | Updated 17/05/2012 10:12 BST

"Houston we don't have a problem. We just landed on the moon. There is a weird blue lake nearby and steam coming from it...It's very warm and extremely cosy. We may be some time. Over and out!" When I'm in the Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava and open space it often makes me wonder how it looks on the moon.

So, tonight we took our Eldhús here and when you look out of the window you only see blue water. This blue water is our direct connection to mother nature. It comes from the sea and deep, deep below us.

The sun is shining on the blue water. The house is ready for guests, it is warm and cosy inside and we have just turned on the oil lamp that usually gives it the final touch. And there they are, two very friendly and charming women from the UK Heather and Kathy. Accompanying them, Astrid a warm smiling person from a little village close to Mainz in Germany. Astrid blogs about food under the name Arthurs Tochter for those who would like to follow her writing.

For a moment I thought diamonds are forever when I saw Kathy she looked an awful lot like Shirley Bassey...It's the sisters first time in Iceland. Kathy is more of the adventurous type of the two says Heather. Heather won a trip to Iceland in connection with the Inspired by Iceland campaign and here they are. "My son couldn't come. He has always dreamt of coming to Iceland, but since he wasn't available I offered for Kathy to come with me and here we are"

Today the Head Chef from the Blue Lagoons restaurant "Lava" is making the evening unforgettable. Viktor focuses mainly on fish since his restaurant is only 10 minutes drive from one of Iceland's most important harbors, Grindavik. He is eager to let us try all kinds of different starters and all of a sudden our table is covered in steam from his specially prepared blue lagoon water bowls. On top of them our delicious array of seafood starters seem to float in the air.

For our mains we enjoyed a rarer treat; Icelandic beef and catfish in rub seasoning - the fresh catch of the day at Grindavik harbour. Lastly we we're treated to Vik.

Astrid had enjoyed the Blue Lagoon earlier that day, Kathy and Heather plan to visit it on the weekend as a last treat before they head home. Firstly they plan to take in the golden circle; A trip to Gullfoss, Geysir and last but not least Thingvellir, where the oldest parliament of this world was established.

Today the sky was blue and the water was blue. It was a blue day. But our little party, in our little house was anything but blue.