04/06/2013 13:49 BST | Updated 04/08/2013 06:12 BST

Age Doesn't Matter Unless You Are a Cheese

Well, it's good to have a go - because if you don't put it out there - it won't come to you. Unlike in the States where it is commonplace to see woman of any age on the job.

Even the gallant men who try to champion the older woman 'case' still fall into the trap of using looks as a barometer for acceptance. Lovely David Dimbleby was quoted as saying "Women mature elegantly and better than men very often. I don't think age should be a factor for women appearing on television." Which both gives and takes away in one well-intentioned assertion - still using looks as criteria. But bless him.

When a member of the sisterhood dares get quoted about the anomaly of a paltry female presence on TV - they are accused of merely being a grump about not being on TV anymore. Nooooooooooooooooo!

Not me dear! I've given myself leave to take a crack of the whip centre stage and very snippy it feels too. I have invented a new season of interviewing the interviewers and very pleasant it has been. Age, sex and weight are all immaterial - while a twinkle in the eye and a keenness to be up for the crack is all that counts.

Much more interesting to know if Mark Lawson would ever marry an eskimo under duress, or shoplift as a teen, than wade though biographical achievements easily accessed from Wikipedia or purloined by a team of TV researchers.


Seeing how he dances with conundrums and status traps such as 'Do you say dinner or tea?' or 'Do you mind if you don't get invited to the Costa awards?' and 'What advice would you give your child?' are surely just as engaging as wondering whether we should ban lobbyists forthwith?

My hope for Michael Crick who also has a pronounced twinkle - will be that we can have fun and plunder his intellect to entertain in a new and liberated way - live audiences should be involved in creating an existentialist platform for intellects at play- without the strictures and binds of Twitter trends or TV labels.

Let's not worry about being ageist - let's grab the moment for ourselves - and since no one else has done this thus far - I have had to appoint myself the female Descartes of my time. If you've got a twinkle then I want you on my watch and I want you now.

Next show Thursday 6 June, St James Theatre.