Naked - Moi?

25/10/2011 23:58 BST | Updated 25/12/2011 10:12 GMT


Here is a pic of me naked - except that I'm not quite - as you may spot my feat-ured bra strap - taken by Andrea Vecchaito for a calendar to raise money for Bernie Katz's charity. Some things cannot come out to play on a first date...

I felt some trepidation when cheerily invited into a spare room in the Groucho Club - to strip off - but seem to appear here looking somewhat post coital. (Actually I was seeing how far I could count backwards as a test). All I can say is well done Andrea Vecchaito, hair man, and make up woman plus the ballast of my moist but still chaste duvet.

The Killing of Sister George It is the last week of me in The Killing of Sister George at The Arts Theatre.

We are playing to full audiences now. Almost a shock to see moving spectacles out there in the stalls but a welcome one.

I shall miss frazzling my hair for this part and Lily Cadwallader might miss me doing this to her...

Pictured Below: ME on Celebrity Coach Trip: New best friend Sandra Dickinson looks a bit smug. Understandably - I was having to listen to the tour guide... 2011-10-25-Coachtrip

I joined Celebrity Coach Trip rather quietly. I have learned a lot about myself - not least that being chums with famous people who you also have to 'vote off' may not actually be in my top skill set - but it's certainly been a journey (from Pisa to Roma).

Have also been invited by The Gay Times to write about Ab Fab - this means talking to people I have worked with, pretending to be a journalist while I write down what they are saying and nod a lot - which is what I've observed journalists do.

I might learn humility: like one of those cold callers who call to flog Vodaphone updates and then I say 'I'm sorry I'm in a meeting' - even though I'm at my desk with a bowl of wasabi nuts.

If Jane Horrocks says 'she is in meeting' when I ask her about the highs of being a definitive member of the most talked about iconic comedy with girls in it - I might have to get back on the coach. Just thinking of those bends with Michael Barrymore...