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My Man Would Be Happier With Someone Else


OK, this wasn't a statement uttered by myself but a sentiment hinted at by the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker about her husband, Matthew Broderick, on meeting a comedy actress. SJP commented that she could see that they 'clicked' and she could imagine them being together. Wow and ouch! I read this in Grazia and it really got me thinking about my marriage.

I don't write about marriage much but the one post I did got my most views ever. Actually the title helped - Please Leave My Husband Alone. Hmmm you can see why! So it's definitely a hot topic. Not my marriage as such - obviously (!) but marriage in general. So, why the interest? Well, I guess most people have been or are in a relationship and it's something that most can voice an opinion on. I imagine that the majority of people who are in a happy relationship would like it to stay that way, meaning that if anything threatened it at all then the boss girl inside would make an appearance somewhat!

So, when a statement is made about whether your man would be happier with someone else it's hard not to contemplate. At first, I tried to dismiss the negative response I felt like expressing to SJP along the lines of 'don't be so ridiculous you're Sarah Jessica Parker' as if she'd even listen to me but then got thinking about whether my husband would be happier with someone else. Arghhh why did I have to read that damn article?

Would he? Well, if Elle Macpherson made a move I could probably forgive him but what if it was someone closer to home? Someone at work? Why the paranoia? You'd think that perhaps I had my doubts. I don't. Well I didn't until I read that damn article! It's just who could make him happier? If I really gave it some thought then I guess someone without children. Not that he doesn't love our three but boy are they a bit of an excuse for everything - the tiredness, the less than glowing skin, the expanding waist line, the strops (mine not theirs!), the endless moaning about thankless tasks - bloody hell I'd be happier with someone else other than me somedays!

I admire the woman who can say categorically that she doesn't think their man would be. To say yes or no to this statement says so much about someone doesn't it? However, deep down I don't want to dwell on the concept too much. It's definitely one to spark debate and, do you know what, I've tousled my hair a little bit more since reading that article (I'm not joking!) and I've dug out the red lipstick (not joking again!). It made me stop. It made me ensure that I don't just take it all for granted. It goes both ways, though ... would I be happier with someone else? Definitely not ... who else would do the bins, walk the dogs and polish the shoes? ... just saying!

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