Lego Love

Lego Love

Lego. A timeless crowd-pleaser.

Now, to be honest, today's Lego session was borne out of guilt. My little man has been kicking around the house all week trying to entertain himself whilst mommy has been nose-to-screen with the PC trying to make him a future. The cause of this is a somewhat unexpected delay to starting Big School. It seems that a staggered start suits the school much better than piling all the kids in on the first day. This does not necessarily suit the parents, but hey, who's paying for the schools? Hmmm.

Anyway, I digress. I felt (feel) guilty because I haven't been playing with him much. Power Rangers and Wustling (wrestling to those of us who can roll our R's) just doesn't cut it for me, and since these are his preferred pass-times, we've been in deadlock for a few days.

Inspiration took hold of me this morning, however, when I saw the Lego bucket.

Who doesn't recall endless hours of building shapeless 'stuff' with a bucket of plastic bricks which were all the same size and shape, when they were a kid?

These days, of course, Lego comes in so many forms that it's hard to keep up. Animals, aircraft, Star Wars Clones...all were unheard of in my day. If you wanted a little man to sit on your boxy, 70's Volvo-like car then you made one (square and humongous of course) from Lego bricks, OR you rolled out some plasticine and got busy that way. It was all about the imagination.

We set to work turning a mountainous pile of primary-coloured bricks into a magnificent depiction of Ollie's soon to be school environment. Pat on the back to mommy for cunningly educating my child around the expectations of school life (smug smile).....or, on the other hand, perhaps I have left him with the impression that the walls will be rainbow-coloured and that he will travel to school on a Power Rangers Megazord Bus? D'Oh.

Nonetheless, we spent a happy hour or two making this masterpiece and he seemed happy with it.

Daddy was duly rewarded with it being thrust under his nose when he came home from work. No doubt my parents feigned admiration for my own primary-coloured creations when I was a wee lassie too....

And who had the most fun? Why, mommy of course! Sweet family nostalgia.

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