24/04/2012 11:57 BST | Updated 24/06/2012 06:12 BST

Regrettable Hairstyles of the 1980s: The Mullet

This post is part of a weekly series of 'link-up' Posts called 'Life's a Journey' which reflect on old memories and family stories.

I noticed this week that there appears to be a new fashion skirt in town. They're calling it the Mullet, apparently, in homage to the eponymous and much-maligned 1980s 'business in the front, party in the back' hair style.

As an 80s teen myself, I can provide personal testimony on behalf of the many interesting hair and fashion combos which ran as rampant as my hormones back in the day. Personally, I was a Lady Di disciple *ahem*.

But in honour of the hairstyle which was so-good-they-have-named-a-skirt-after-it-30-years-later, I give you my Top 5 awesome and mighty Mullets of all time...... Go and check them out online. You know you want to!

Coming in in a solid 5th place, Andre Agassi. He stubbornly clung on to his wisps at the bottom until there was nowt left on the top. A blond bouffant.

In 4th place, Mr Billy Ray Cyrus. Possibly realised that his music might sound better with his ears covered.

In 3rd place, the almost unbeatable Michael Bolton. The loss of his locks apparently inspiring his hit record, "How am I supposed to live without you?"

Our Runner Up.... Chris 'why ay' Waddle. Half of infamous footie duo Hoddle and Waddle (you can't make this stuff up you know)...Click on the link for an extra surprise!

But the surprising, outright winner..... Melanie Griffith!!

Who knew that Melly was a staunch supporter of the Big M?!! Taking the Ginge to epic proportions in the movie 'Working Girl' she proved that your hair had to be bigger than your shoulder-pads if you wanted to get ahead in business.

Were you the proud wearer of a Mullet? Or maybe you sported a 'Flock of Seagulls' back in the day, or a Phil Oakey (Human League), or a Princess Diana 'flick'? Whatever your memories of those Big Hair Days, be sure to preserve them as part of your legacy at