10/04/2017 07:50 BST | Updated 10/04/2017 07:50 BST

The Grace Of God

It is very common to have people approaching me to tell me to have faith in Jesus. Their words: "have faith, and he will cure you." I always smile at them and nod my head to make them feel good. I know they mean well and that they do not understand my point of view.

They believe that my condition is the work of evil and that Jesus will save me. Their minds are set in the belief that if they wait long enough the grace of God will come to them.

Although I share their beliefs, I do not share their attitude. I do not believe in waiting for the grace of God. I believe in living and acting in the grace of God, and by doing so, miracles will reveal themselves.

With giving life, God gave them all the tools they need to have to create miracles. I do not believe that God would put someone on earth to just sit, pray and wait for miracles. He or she are here to play their part.

If I were waiting for a miracle to happen for me to live my life, I would have spent over 20 years waiting for the grace of God instead of living by the grace of God. That just does not seem right. God gave us life to live, not a time to wait. If he had wanted us to sit and wait, he would have given us bigger behinds to sit instead of legs to walk.

Of course, one must have faith. Nevertheless, one must also act and not just pray.

Stand up and do well. Believe, work, sweat and make the sacrifices necessary and the rest will follow. If I can do it, so can you. (Before you say it, yes that is an arrogant remark but nevertheless true)

In these twenty plus years of being Locked-In, I have received so many miracle achieving suggestions that it is impossible to remember them all. From miracle prayers, places, drugs, plants, fruits, oil, therapies, treatments, obladi, oblada and more. How could one trust any of them, when they all follow the same principal; "miracle first, then living."

So many people believe that there is only one way to be happy. They cannot accept that a person that is paralyzed can be happy. Some people recommend all kinds of medical/scientific treatments or procedures. Then there are the others that suggest alternative therapies.

It is hard for them to comprehend that I have a wonderful life. How to explain to someone like this that happiness is not physical. It is spiritual.

If there was a treatment or procedure that assures a superb chance of complete recovery, I would go for it. Still, there is no such treatment. Any current treatments, even the best ones promise many maybes, such a possible chance of some recovery and the possibility of side effects).

Which one would you choose?

1). Months of therapy in a medical center hoping for a miracle to happen so I can move a finger. I still cannot move my arms. So actually, the only thing I can do now is to change the channels on a remote control. I still have to be brought to the television, and the remote still has to be placed into my hands.

2). Months spent with my husband giving talks and showing others that life is a beautiful thing and they can achieve whatever they desire even if that something is (considered to be) a miracle.

The choice is clear to me; I choose a life with a purpose, a meaningful life.

I understand that all these people want the best for me. By this, I want to thank and tell them all. Nevertheless, I want to let everybody know that; I have an amazing life. I have blessed with an incredible gift, which is a chance to help others to live a better life in the grace of God.

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