15/06/2015 11:05 BST | Updated 15/06/2016 06:59 BST

Dear the Labour Party - Please Give Us a Real Left-Wing Politician

In this age of austerity and frankly gloomy politics, can the Labour party please give some hope to the youth by voting in Jeremy Corbyn? I am exhausted of hearing about fiscal responsibility from the obnoxious Conservative party and find the Tory-lite dribble that 'Labour' seems to be preaching, absolutely abhorrent.

I hear it now, why should we listen to this jumped up teenage socialist? Well, maybe because this jumped up teenage socialist still has hope in politics and this country. I know, how naive of me, but hey, that's how us jumped up teenage socialists are these days and there are quite a few of us. Maybe it is naivety or maybe it's because our inherent social nature hasn't been fully corrupted yet. I do hope it is the latter. Back to the matter in hand, why Jeremy Corbyn is the right man to help engage us teenagers in politics again, well 3 simple reasons should be enough:

Austerity - Or should I say 'anti-austerity'. For me just saying this is enough to prove his good judgement but I feel some explanation can't help but to strengthen my argument. Morally, in this time of both great deprivation and inequality does it seem to fair to not spend? When you're hungry do you buy dinner or do you think that it would be responsible to punish yourself? You would buy yourself dinner. So why are we saving when 1 in 5 people in this country live below the poverty line? Yes, we are running at a budget deficit, but as my economics savvy friend mentioned to me, it is possible to spend our way out of this. Now I am not an economist and I support anti-austerity on a more fundamentally moral point, why are we reducing spending when the inequality in this country is growing by the day? Let me remind you, inequality is bad for everyone in society both the rich and poor, just read the "Spirit Level" if you are a doubter. So in summation, a man who has more interest for the general care of a human being than saving a social construct, that is money, seems like an awfully intelligent and morally straight guy to me.

Trident- Again the fact that he is against Trident seems like a reason enough for me. I think the best way to put the argument against Trident is by quoting a famous CND sign "Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity", a perfect analogy to sum up the irony in a nuclear deterrent. The supposed need for a nuclear weapons systems in only likely to heighten tensions in this already volatile world. The arms race pre World War I didn't exactly help the eventual outcome and nor will Trident. Having a permanently destructive weapon at our disposal is not actually make us look very friendly, is it now? Also, the use of such a weapon would be so catastrophic that even threatening to use it against innocent humans is a complete rejection of a moral compass.

Iraq- He voted against it. Not just Iraq, but his voting record as a whole is incredible. It bears the hallmarks of a man who represents his constituencies and his conscious, something that seems to be rare in our political climate. In a system where so many sacrifice principles for a chance to sit at the cabinet table, Jeremy Corbyn stands out as a man of conviction, an essential trait for a leader.

To me, these three reasons are paramount as to why Jeremy Corbyn, should be elected as the next leader of the Labour party.  In a country where everyone seems to be hogging the centre ground, can us young jumped up socialists please have a real left-wing option to vote for.

Yours sincerely,

The youth

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