04/02/2013 10:48 GMT | Updated 06/04/2013 06:12 BST

Five Careers Liz Lemon Could Try Next

(Warning: contains spoilers) Long running comedy series 30 Rock came to an emotional end last week in a finale that saw cheerfully insane sketch show TGS finally succumb to cancellation.

Thankfully, harassed head writer Liz Lemon wasn't left unemployed: she went on to take a job producing Grizz's new sitcom, Grizz and Herz. She also adopted suspiciously Tracy and Jenna-esque twins.

It was a wonderful end to a great series. But just in case Liz Lemon decides that working on a comedy where people regularly roll their eyes, turn to a dog and say 'don't even SAY it!' isn't for her, here are five alternative careers she could try:

1. Cheesemonger.

No one loves cheese quite as much - or in the same way- as Lemon. Mainly because if they did they'd probably be arrested.

2. Tree surgeon.

Lemon has a deep and abiding passion for nature, particularly any nature that she can see from her apartment window. This is clearly visible in this impassioned- some might even say rabidly insane- attempt to remove a plastic bag from a tree branch.

3. Stylist.

Lemon's style is unique and impeccable. Who else would shop at Blazer Barn, Manhattan's biggest womens' out of business blazer dump? Here she is giving office assistant Cerie some invaluable fashion tips. She's the Gok Wan of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

4. Model.

What the world of modelling needs is 'real women'. Women who wear glasses, are about 40 years old, have dark hair, a bottle of baby oil and no dignity. A Liz Lemon modelling career could revolutionize fashion forever.

5. Dancer.

She's got the moves like Jagger... if Jagger regularly wore pink pyjamas with love hearts and ice cream on them. To be fair, he probably should have.

Bye Lemon... we'll miss you.