27/02/2017 08:42 GMT | Updated 28/02/2018 05:12 GMT

How To Survive Your First Wedding Fair

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Wedding fair season is upon us, with brides all over the country headed to the nearest exhibition centre or village hall in the name of wedding planning. Shows like these can be a really fun opportunity to soak up inspiration and get excited, but they can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Here's how to get through the wedding fair jungle like a boss.


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Survival Tip #1: Bring your A-Team

You need some support at a wedding fair. Someone to stop you from eating too many cake samples or to get you out of a sales pitch. Bring help.

But make sure you invite people you know aren't going to rile you with their opinions, be too pushy, or complain about how much their feet hurt when you're only on your first lap of the venue (we're looking at you, boys).

Survival Tip #2: Scout It Out

There's a lot to look at, especially at the big ones like the nationals, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by all the pretty.

Make sure you get the most out of your visit by having a list of which types of suppliers you want to talk to and tick them off first. Grab your map, and make a plan.

Survival Tip #3: Pack Light

Honestly. No matter how cold it is outside, with all the people milling around and the goody bags you'll be handed, you'll be glad you checked your coat and your bag. Just remember your purse. Comfortable shoes are a must. There isn't a lot of seating in these joints, and when there is it's usually limited or bagsied by bored grooms.

Survival Tip #4: Come Hungry

Free cake samples are hands down the best part of wedding shows, whether you've chosen your cake already or not. There's bound to be tasty treats on offer somewhere in the building, and you don't want to be too full to try any of it.

Survival Tip #5: Get Your Hair Did

It's the weekend, sure you can rock up to these events with a messy ponytail or an unbrushed mane. But more often than not you'll be drawn towards the veils and tiara section to try on all the pretties. So try to arrive with at least a low-tech version of the hair you're imagining having on the day, so when your friends take photos of you in the veils and headdresses, you'll have a better idea of exactly how it will look on the day.

Survival Tip #6: Learn to Say No, Thank You

Exhibitors and suppliers at these gigs are used to people saying no, so there's no need to indulge that sweet photographer lady or Italian honeymoon rep in a lengthy chat if you're really not interested. There's plenty more to see, and you won't hurt their feelings!

Be strong.

Survival Tip #7: Don't Ask, Don't Get

A big reason brides and couples come to wedding shows is because it's a great way to speak to a bunch of suppliers face-to-face at the same time. Bargain hunter brides should use the opportunity to haggle direct with them, and you'll find some will prove more than willing to do you a deal.