It’s Personal

At HuffPost we put people first. We care about the things our readers do, and we want to help you navigate the world we live in. We believe real life should be reflected in the news, and that news is personal. The things that happen in our communities are what make our coverage. 

Like you, we care about which show to binge watch next as well as what’s happening in our politics – and we value your downtime because we know it’s important. For us,  speaking truth to power can mean exposing and holding to account the big forces that shape our lives, from corporations to politicians – but it’s also about empowering us all to make the best choices with our hard-earned money.

We’ve redesigned our homepage for you, because we want to showcase the variety of stories we bring you every day.

News is at the heart of what we do, and HuffPost is a place that will always guide you through big events, in a way that makes better sense of them. Our reporters work tirelessly to expose and call out wrongdoing or injustice, and we bring voices into our stories that are often overlooked. We have one of the best Westminster teams in the business, bringing you the latest twists and turns from there, but always with a focus on what politicians’ decisions mean in communities across the country, where our readers live.

And while we cover what’s happening in Downing Street, you’ll also find stories about what’s happening on your street: raising happy kids, managing your relationships, trying to live a more sustainable life without feeling guilty that you can’t do more – even enjoying a happy, healthy sex life. We know that the challenges of day-to-day life matter to people, and we’re here to help.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in ways we could never have foreseen. We are working day and night to bring you coverage of this unprecedented story, with the values that run through everything we do. The crucial importance of quality, trustworthy information means you will find guidance from experts and fully fact-checked stories – we will never bring you hearsay or rumour. But we also understand the need for people to find ways to live their lives during this time. Whether you are looking after your kids, focusing on your mental or physical health, caring for your loved ones or looking for a way to switch off with some great TV, we are here to ease that load.

In every aspect of our coverage, you’ll find people’s stories. Like Alina, the grieving mother of black teenager who is fighting for justice after her son’s death, when the police say they aren’t pursuing it. Lauren, who grew up in a Yorkshire coal mining family, and is proud of her heritage, but went out to protest to close one of the last remaining mines in the country. Or Asif and Joan, NHS medics on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, who are risking their lives to keep people safe. We believe that empathy makes the world a better place, and we can all benefit from learning about each other’s experiences, because understanding other people’s passions and challenges make the world a more equal place.  

We’re here to empower you to make the best choices for yourself – and to inform, enlighten and entertain you because we know that you want all of those things. Welcome to HuffPost, where every day, it’s personal.

Jess Brammar
Editor-In-Chief, HuffPost UK
Putting People First - In Practice

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