Captain SIB's Musical Discoveries 3rd Edition -THC

Welcome one and all to another edition of Captain SIB's Fantastic Musical Discoveries. This week we venture into the world of The Psychedelic Freakout.

Welcome one and all to another edition of Captain SIB's Fantastic Musical Discoveries.

This week we venture into the world of The Psychedelic Freakout.

Hailing from the land of Romford in the UK, Captain SIB bring to you The Higher Craft.

Consisting of Christina Poupoutsi, Craig Twining, J.D.Tait, Charlie Noakes and Andre Thung.

What THC bring to the table is indeed quite fascinating with regards to their chosen style. Sounds reminiscent of 60's trip-rock mixed with the influences of metal, THC bring together a realm of music, which is meticulously catered for their listeners.

The imagination and vocal work created by Christina Poupoutsi is indeed what lifts this craft from the ground. With the added talent of ex-Magic Mushroom man Craig Twining, THC throw out the rules and smashes into your mind with a mighty wallop.

In June they released their latest album "Quest into the Stepping Stone Age".

With 19 tracks and a run time of 1 hour and 17 minutes, this quest takes the listener on a magical, sometimes terrifying, trip through ones psychic.

This project took a while to put together and this is indeed noticeable. The attention to detail in story telling between tracks is witty and somewhat bizarre at times. Based around a concept that Christina had created almost 2 decades ago, the album has many tracks worthy of mentioning, though we don't have enough space here, let me enlighten you on a couple to hear.

The intro track will place your mind into the correct order. As you prepare yourself for the Quest you will be given some guidelines, here you must take heed. Next we are awoken and blissfully made aware that we are indeed listening to The Higher Craft with their track "Acid Man". A fantastic track which blends together various styles and sets out your mindset for the journey onwards.

"The Receiver" has pace and Christina's performance is as infectious as always. With a middle section that wanders through the air before lifting you back towards the craft is what holds down the traditional sound of THC.

"Fantasia" is a haunting track with some nice production and flow.

This album is worth investing in. I had waited in anticipation to see what THC gave us with the Quest and I wasn't disappointed. If you're looking for something to that leaves your mind full and slightly educated then this is an album you must have in your collection.

I contacted Christina and asked her a few SIB style questions....

SIB : Where did the idea for THC originate from?

THC : Jim Lacey -(ex-Magic Mushroom Band drummer) came up with the name and we loved it!

SIB : What is the soup of the day on board the craft?

THC : Turtle Soup, with sprinkles of herbage.

SIB : Who is the most influential person you have met, musically?

THC : Dorothy Tillett, a soprano singer from the 1930's.

SIB : What THC track is a good choice for first time flyers?

THC : I think possibly Gateway as it caters for most tastes.

SIB : What was the inspiration behind "Quest into the Stepping Stone Age"

THC : The inspiration was to see it manifest in reality. I wrote the scripted stage play 20 years ago to be performed as a multi-media production with film, live band and actors. The Quest as a concept and challenge to manifest it audibly was one I had attempted back in 1995 when it was written, however, it was not the right time. I presented the idea to the band and they were all up for it. To my delight.

SIB : Will you write a follow up?

THC : 'No', however will there be more concept albums? Possibly 'yes'

SIB : Do carrots actually make you see in the dark?

THC : I'll ask white rabbit next time he runs by ;)

With all that said these guys are great. Nice folks and talented writers, musicians and artists. Tip the tin-foil hat and spark one up.

The Higher Craft can be found on Chapter 1, Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Captain SIB's Psychedelic Freakout.

As a special thank you The Higher Craft have kindly supplied us with a link to 2 free tracks. A special cover of "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. Also "City Life" from "Quest into the Stepping Stone Age"

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more of Captain SIB's musical discoveries.

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