20/02/2017 12:24 GMT | Updated 21/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Why Are Millennials Always Tired?

Reasons why tabloids believe millennials are tired: too many selfies, too much crying over how expectations don't match self entitlement, staying up all night doing drugs and getting drunk because we're impulsive af.

Actual reasons why we're tired?

It's an extensive list, in all honesty. We're tired of how our generation has less help than our parents and our parents' parents, yet are expected to be more successful. We're tired of being part of a never-ending rat race, in which there are no real winners. We're tired of reading lies in the press, and of how democracy is turning our country into something we did not vote for.

We are tired of not being heard, or being misunderstood, despite making our point, loud and clear.

We're tired of striving to reach success and having our efforts unnoticed.

We are tired of being seen as a generation, not as individuals.

We are tired of being told we can do anything while growing up, to have that taken away from us when we become adults. Of paying taxes and not seeing any benefit from it. Of living in shit conditions, and paying more than half our fucking wage to do so.

We're tired of contradictions in the media, and having to conform our bodies to fit in with western ideals. Tired of being told we're too short, too curvy, too generic. Too smart, not smart enough. A geek, but not in the cool way.

Tired of reading about baby boomers retiring in their million pound London houses that they got with a 100% mortgage, and their degrees they didn't pay for. Even festival tickets were free once.

Tired of dealing with the shit that older generations have left us in, and having our generation blamed for our attitudes when we didn't raise ourselves.

Tired of having a degree and being unable to get a level entry job. Of fierce competition, and our best not being good enough. Of discrimination against age, gender, race.

Hell, we're even tired of being tired.

Yet every day, we get up and we pretty ourselves and we head to work where we smile and work hard. We move up, only to find that a bigger wage doesn't mean more money, because there is always something new we have to pay for, or something to save towards. More responsibilities mean more stress, a burden on our already fragile mental health.

We spend our free time exercising and socialising, because yes we do want it all - ambition only became a bad thing when millennials started to have it. You'll notice it is not traditionally millennials who are sat at home watching soaps, we're out trying to self-improve despite how draining it is.

We're told to live in the moment, but also to strive harder, further, and faster than anyone before us. Then we're told we are greedy, and selfish, and can't we be more supportive of each other rather than so focused on ourselves?

Millennials can't do anything right, yet we pick ourselves up each day and try. And that, my friend, is why we are tired. Sorry to disappoint, but that's what we millennials do.