25/05/2014 12:34 BST | Updated 25/07/2014 06:59 BST

The New President of Ukraine!

The Holy date of 25 May, the day of presidential elections in Ukraine, the country's territory is becoming smaller and smaller. Indeed, the elections will not take place in Crimea, rightful territory of Ukraine which was proclaimed by Putin and his gangs of separatists as part of Russian territory. Even after a failed referendum, it seems like the eastern part of Ukraine is not going to participate in the vote as well, as half of the polling stations are already occupied by separatists in the Donbass region. The country is in the middle of a war with an exterior enemy but Ukrainians say that the elections have to happen anyways!

For many, it's already obvious who will win the vote. Ukrainian oligarch Petr Poroshenko, known as the 'Chocolate King' for owning the biggest chocolate company in Ukraine, is currently supported by the highest number of Ukrainians. Kiev international institute of sociology announces that 34% of Ukrainians will give their vote to Petr Poroshenko on the 25 May. Internationally known Ulia Tymoshenko is presumably supported by 6.5% of voters. At the same time 'The lady U' is claiming that she is the only one that can help Ukraine. She bravely declares that if she's not winning the elections there will be a need of a new revolution. And yes, there will be a need for a new revolution in Ukraine but Ulia Tymoshenko, who is already deeply anchored in Ukraine's past, will not be the reason for it.

There are obvious reasons why Ukrainians are choosing Poroshenko. His 14 years political career looks clean, he was not caught for corruption, he was not seen with the mafia and he was an active member of the Orange revolution with Yushenko, with whom he was carrying fresh democratic ideas for Ukraine in 2004.

Ukrainians prefer Poroshenko to all other candidates as he is not like those that were not changing their seats in the parliament for the last 24 years since Ukraine became independent.

However there are obvious reasons why Poroshenko doesn't give so much hope to rebellious Ukraine.

He is a candidate for presidency without any team of politicians nor support amongst them. He has no active political party. He is alone. That means that becoming a president he will have to work with the exact same politicians that Ukrainians don't want to chose, those who are there since 1991. In such a situation, Poroshenko can repeat Yushenko's failure, whom was a white swan with a team of ugly pigeons around him.

Will Poroshenko be a fool and cooperate with Svoboda party and Pravyi Sector, the extreme right wing groups, or will he keep distance?

Also, it is hard to imagine how Poroshenko would manage the relationship with the Kremlin in the current situation? And how far can he go to resist Putin?

Even if the choice of the Ukrainians on Sunday will not bring Ukraine lots of perspectives, that is already obvious, it has to bring peace in my permanently bleeding country. Ukrainian territory has to be defended and taken back by the official power.

Ukraine has to elect a new president for the country whom will guaranty independence and European integration. Even if the preferable candidate is chosen by the reason of "less evil", he can make a first step for Ukraine on the path of democracy.

Meanwhile the new president of Ukraine will work on how to keep peace in the country and will hopefully succeed, we will all have to prepare for a new revolution that will be needed soon anyways.

Slava Ukraine!

Slava the people not the power!