30/06/2017 11:30 BST | Updated 30/06/2017 12:46 BST

'Into It' Podcast: EastEnders' Future, Britney Spears' Live Vocals And Channel 4's Snap Decision

As former 'EastEnders' boss Sean O'Connor steps down from the show with immediate effect, this week the 'Into It' team is discussing what the soap needs to do to get itself back on track, after a particularly shaky 12 months.

Britney Spears' latest comments about her vocals not getting enough credit, they debate whether or not it matters if a popstar sings live in their concerts, and share some of their TV guilty pleasures, following Channel 4's announcement they were axing 'Host The Week' after just one episode.

Plus, as we've now reached the midpoint of the year, they're reflecting on the past six months of film, TV and music, and let's just say Ed Sheeran doesn't get off lightly.

All this and more in the latest episode of 'Into It', which you can listen to above, or click here to subscribe on the Apple store.