21/01/2015 11:39 GMT | Updated 23/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Stephen Hendry - Should He Return to Snooker?

When I was younger, I spent many afternoons watching the snooker with dad, mesmerised by the skill and ability of my all time favourite snooker player, Stephen Hendry. A childhood memory that has stayed with me all of my life and one that ignites fond memories of a sport that has continued to fascinate me.

Renowned for his outstanding contribution to the world of snooker, World Champion snooker player and legend, Stephen Hendry retired from the game back in 2012, but was this the right decision, and should he return to a table that allowed him to become the record holder of seven world titles?

After swapping the limelight in front of the camera as a feared competitor to become an influential television expert and commentator on BBC and other tournaments, his passion and love for snooker is still very much apparent.

With commercial commitments in China and other responsibilities as a commentator, Stephen has not stepped out as a competitor since making the decision to retire.

Having planted the seed that he could come out of retirement to return to a sport that has shaped his entire career, just in time for the World Championship in April 2015 - fans of the game wait in anticipation to learn of his decision. He can certainly talk a good game but can he put into action what he says?

The 46 year-old was handed a wild card in May 2014, giving him the opportunity to return to the tour this year but is yet to accept the offer. Instead, he has released a statement saying, "I will only play if I think I can play well and do myself justice, but I would need to start practising a month before."

Of course, there is an argument that he is not good enough to return to snooker and that he should remain in retirement having ended his career on a high, but I disagree. Many argue that his game has deteriorated and that there are younger and better players filtering onto the snooker circuit - paving the way for an argument that suggests that he can simply not compete with a younger breed of players.

For me, motivation is the key to success; age is an irrelevant and an insignificant factor.

As someone who has always been captivated by his natural ability to win game after game, in my opinion he is still relatively young for a sport that is more about skill and technique rather than physical endurance. Not only is he an exceptional player, he also brings experience to the game - making him a magnificent competitor and role model.

It would be great to see an excellent player back in a sport that has earned him the title as one of the most well respected sporting legends of all time. He should definitely return to action as he still has a lot to give and gain. I think that he has the capability and mind-set to win again, taking his performance onto the next level.