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The 11 Things I Never Thought Would Make It Onto My Wedding To-Do List

So I searched locally for the dogs in my area and there were plenty of all shapes and sizes, but one handsome man caught my eye. Sue, Bertie's owner, had just moved to the village so we messaged a few times and decided to meet. As they say, the rest is history.

I thought my version of wedding planning would be simple. Cut out the aisle, forget the three-course meal and swap flowers and favours for a quick early-morning wedding while everyone is still in bed.

Oh, and then run the London Marathon. Oh, and commit to raising £15k for two charities that supported you through breast cancer treatment and helped you celebrate your engagement. Oh, and then have a party, make the cake, floorplan a ship. Oh, and then trek the Great Wall of China for honeymoon.

Image: Unsplash

I think it was simple in my head. Now, it's a cross between exhilarating and terrifying, with a bit of surreal thrown in.

Don't get me wrong. The big charity fundraiser wedding is our gift back to the people who gave us hope, when my body had other ideas. The chance to help people with serious illness find the strength to face another day is by far the best wedding gift we could ever ask for.

But, what no one told me as I plotted my rather alternative scheme was that that gift might be a very strange shape and come in some rather odd packaging.

Here's a few things I never thought I would write let alone organise. And, they might up just send you running into the arms of a florist or make getting wrapped up in bunting and big love signs with sweet-filled mini Ferris wheels (which I am reliably informed is a thing you can hire) seem very very appealing...

Image: Jackie Scully

Task 1:Sort running trainers, white compression socks and sports knickers that don't chafe: far cry from lace knickers, stockings and a pretty necklace. Less said about the guest dress code the better!

Task 2: Talk run tactics and fuelling with the Father of the Bride: beats buttonholes and morning suits, but I never thought we'd be discussing peanut butter sandwiches and jelly babies instead of starters, mains and desserts.

Image: Jackie Scully

Task 3: Source plastic Champagne Glasses for energy drinks before start of race: I'll admit that waiting nine hours to sip anything remotely exciting is a little excessive

Task 4: Source waterproof make up - due to sweat not inevitable emotional crying episodes: if it's good enough for synchronised swimmers, it's good enough for me!

Task 5: Source wedding dress that can survive 26.2miles of action (no train necessary): three years ago, I didn't own an item of Lycra. Now, it's making an appearance in the wedding outfit.

Task 6: Post bra to a celebrity so she can build it into said running wedding dress: amazing professional figure skater Frankie Seaman is helping keep quantity of Lycra to a minimum. If the 90 minutes we spent in a shopping centre family room this week are anything to go by, it is certainly going to scream wedding not running. Exciting.

Image: Jackie Scully

Task 7: Book appointment with physio and osteopath: what happened to the manicure and make-up artist? At least I've been discharged from the spine surgeon.

Task 8: Run 10k with 20 hens for hen do: fair to say they didn't see that one coming either!

Task 9: Liaise with London Marathon over road closures: we must get the registrar to the ship on time

Task 10: Buy Vaseline: for marathon runners, this needs no further explanation

Task 11: Devise marathon-related ceremony readings: surprisingly, if you search the web for inspiration, not much comes up when you type in 'wedding ceremony marathon reading'. Had to write my own...

Alternative wedding task list aside, I am grateful to everyone for helping us on what is a really incredible and humbling journey.

When I was running with my dad at the weekend, he turned and said to me: 'what I find so fascinating about this plan is that you've put everything on the line. Everything.' He's right, I have and I know that out of the four runners from the wedding party, I have to be the one to cross that start line and trek that wall.

But, when you've got a meaningful 'why' - and an extensive to do list - I am very much hoping I can endure any 'how'.

Image: Jackie Scully

I am proud to be part of an event this year that is focused on celebrating everyone's #ReasonToRun. Use the hashtag to share yours! My reason? Hope.

If you'd like to support us and charities Breast Cancer Care and Willow, please add a few pennies to our sponsorship page. It would mean a huge amount.

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