27/03/2017 12:52 BST | Updated 28/03/2018 06:12 BST

What Your Shopping Says About Your Marathon Training

There really are only two reasons why someone orders a shopping bag full of Jelly Babies in their weekly shop (including Jelly Bunnies I hasten to add).

They either have an ridiculously sweet tooth, or they're training for a marathon.

It worries me that I can identify a proper one from a supermarket fake on a blind taste test (and that I have actually conducted said test). It worries me that I ordered a kilo bag from Amazon the week before a race and there weren't any left by the time we got to the start line. It worries me that I choose to eat them before dinner as a snack - along with my parents.


Image: Jackie Scully

But what worries me more is that, after our marathon wedding is over, I may never be able to even look at one again.

If you'd taken a look inside last week's shopping bags, you would have learned much about my marathon training troubles - as well as my fuelling tactics.

Question is, how many are on your list?

Exhibit a) Jelly Babies in multiple bags: because one bag doesn't get you beyond the start line

Exhibit b) Energy drinks: too sickly to even look at on most days of the year, but you drink it by the gallon when marathon training


Image: Jackie Scully

Exhibit c) Ibuprofen: for when a half marathon replaces the Sunday stroll

Exhibit d) Paracetamol: see c). Less good, but you take it anyway.

Exhibit e) Deep Heat: for times when you really want to smell like a rugby changing room

Exhibit f) Tiger Balm: because you like the smell (when not mixed with e))

Exhibit g) Ibuprofen gel: yep, my training is going that well! Not to be taken with c) mind

Exhibit h) Ripe bananas: essential pre-race rocket fuel as long as they're not green (unripe bananas can wreak havoc with the race tactics)

Exhibit i) Muscle soak bubble bath: because a soapy liquid with any other name obviously won't do the same job!

Exhibit J) Rock tape: how did you climb stairs before without it?


Image: Jackie Scully

Oh, and, most importantly,

Exhibit k) Wine or chocolate, or any other treat): because if you need c), d), e), f) and g) in your life, you will need this!

Here's hoping your shopping bags are a little lighter - and your marathon training a little brighter - than mine.

See you on the start line. I'll be the one dressed in a wedding dress looking like a Jelly Baby and smelling like a rugby changing room!

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