28/04/2014 07:04 BST | Updated 26/06/2014 06:59 BST

Which Game of Thrones Family Are You? Premiership Edition

As my girlfriend probably won't agree, this season the Barclays Premier League has been bloody sensational. Global juggernauts are in freefall under inexperienced leadership, early pace setters have faltered amid poor planning, and forgotten masters have been rehabilitated as title favourites.

The burning question on everyone's lips has to be: Which football teams are best represented by the warring families in HBO's Game of Thrones?

Don't worry, fantasy/football fans - help is at hand! Spoilers up to the end of season 3.

Manchester United are the Baratheons.

At the start of play, King Robert Baratheon (Fergie) ruled the roost, but since he checked out, it's been bloody mayhem out there, and it feels like everybody's got a claim on the throne.

With endless in-fighting, disloyal henchmen and a failed coup attempt, new jobseeker David Moyes has a lot in common with Renly Baratheon, the (now expired) challenger prince - who also met his end before he really got a chance to restore the family name.

But as the Red Wedding proved, the balance of power can change very quickly in Westeros. Nobody predicted the rise of Liverpool, and with Man U taking a sabbatical from the limelight of the Champions League next season, they could be back before you know it.

Chelsea are the Lannisters.

Led by an immature, despotic but charismatic upstart, Chelsea's José Mourinho has a lot in common with King Joffrey - a Baratheon in name, only.

And when things go wrong, one thing's for sure - it's not Joffrey or José's fault.

But then again, is he really calling the shots with the money-man sat at the head of the table in Tywin Lannister / Roman Abramovich?

So while the Lannisters have been on the up, it takes more than a clean looking ledger sheet and a PHD in skullduggery to retain the crown. Winter is coming - but from which direction?

Manchester City are the Tyrells.

The Tyrells smile for the cameras.

Whilst it's all cloaks and daggers at Stamford Bridge, Vincent Kompany swaggers onto Match of the Day and does something John Terry could never manage - be charming and professional.

In this regard, Kompany shares a lot with with natural-born thriller, Margaery Tyrell, but has yet to prove that he consistently the stomach for a murderous fight.

After all, Man City have failed to make a dent in the biggest competition - the Champions League - can chivalry really beat out savagery?

Tottenham Hostpur are the Greyjoys.

Sorry Spurs fans, but face it - you're the shitty Greyjoys.

Both occupy weird hinterlands, both have beaten down, jaded leaders, and both can only affect proceedings by careful alliances with others... like Real Madrid.

Everton are the Martells

Very much the new boys in town, Everton have cause to feel pretty sore about their treatment in the past. But with a hot young leader punching above his weight, they're the one to watch.

Furthermore, they play attractive football and are immensely loyal to each-other. So they may lack big-time experience, but ignore them at your peril.

Liverpool are the Starks.

Gritty northern bastards, the Starks. Led by noble rough-and-tumble killers, they should have been on the Iron Throne a long time ago, but have turned self-sabotage into a fine art.

Having said that, they've recently been developing the cunning of the Lannisters or Baratheons.

The Starks can out-gun other families with a strong front three - Raheem Sterling / Arya Stark, Luis Suarez /John Snow and Danny Sturridge / Rob Stark, but they are susceptible at the back - Winterfell / Mamadou Sakho.

And finally, Arsenal are the Targaryens,

Just because Daenerys has got dragons and a freed slave army does not mean that she will win. Her entire challenge is based on her retaining their loyalty, and this has yet to be really put to the test.

In the same way, just because Arsenal won the title without losing a single game back in 2004 doesn't mean they will do it again. Their top talent (van Persie, Fabregas, Henry, Nasri et all) is relentlessly poached by other teams, and - like Man City - they have never made a dent in the Champions League.

Daenerys, like Arséne Wenger, is a reformer who has revolutionised the rules of the game, however they both may lack the cold blooded murderous instincts of the their rivals.

Do you agree with my descriptions, and will this mean a butcherous run in for Liverpool's Starks? Comments below...