24/12/2015 05:48 GMT | Updated 23/12/2016 05:12 GMT

The Law of Abundance

Most of us are born into a world of lack. Unless we are really lucky, we are born into a world where there is scarcity of time, softness and kindness. This scarcity has nothing to do with love or money.

Here's an example of an individual called A. A was born into a normal family in an ordinary little town. Both his parents worked very hard in their business. There was never much time for A in his childhood for the all-important soft bits. Not because of lack of love, but a scarcity of time. Because of the scarcity of time, there was a lack of kindness in thought, speech and accent. A's life was all about running against the clock, surviving each day, striving to achieve, being externally successful, yet he never really earning the soul-warming accolade from his parents for his little as well as big achievements. In time, A grows up to be externally successful, but with cold lumps in his body and stones in his heart, though he wanted for nothing materially.

My children's father, on the other hand, grew up in a materially poor but emotionally rich world. In the eyes of the outside world, he has not achieved much other than as the father of five grown up, beautiful, happy and emotionally balanced children who love him so very much. His is a legacy of love, laughter and joy, inherited from his Spanish mother. I remember going to their humble house for the very first time and seeing a framed certificate that he had won. Yes, he won that certificate when he was eight years old, at a writing competition sponsored by Cadbury in a shopping mall. He had never won anything in his life since, but his parents were ever so proud of their blue-eyed boy.

Today, he lives by a beach on the magical island of Phuket, living a modest but fulfilling life. Though he had focused entirely on his children rather than a career and personal achievements, he has a healthy bank balance because the Law of Abundance has blessed him.

My years with him has made me realised that the Law of Abundance is one of the universal laws that are seldom violated.

Going back to A, the landscape could not have been more different. Giving freely and just being were alien concepts to A whose world is underpinned by efficiency, sufficiency and activity, the hallmarks of external success. He did not know how to accept or appreciate a new way of being. His comfort zone is the cold clockwork world, and there he will remain because it is his comfort zone.

Are you A? Do you want to migrate?

Here are three ways to allow the Law of Abundance into your life:

(1) Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude. Wake up each day being grateful for what you have, and the next thing you do, write down three things in your life every day that you are thankful for.

(2) Tell yourself, "I love you, you are doing well". Make up for the lack in your early life by filling that void with kindness to yourself.

(3) Give generously and with no attachment. It doesn't have to be money, but smiles, hugs and good words.

Be ready for the good things coming your way.

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